Book Twice: Prologue

It’s Blog About Reading Day here on the blog… apparently. Not only did I finish one book and start another, but I finished one annual goal (albeit a few days early) and started a new one (again, a few days early.) It’s (almost) two-thousand-sixteen and another twenty-five books are queued up and waiting to be read. Over the last year I have found a list of new stories to read, but this year –a year of recession and belt-tightening and reflection– I have chosen to make a twist on my reading. See, I rarely discard a book. So it should thus come as no surprise that we have overflowing shelves of books we’ve read and enjoyed and savoured and swore up-and-down-back-and-forth we’re going to re-read someday. Alas, it is someday. I’m going to spend the next year, the whole of 2016, revisiting my book collection, digging back into books I read once, but that I haven’t read (or listened to) in at least four years. This, obviously excludes any of the titles from last year. And similar rules apply: one title per author, reading printed words or e-book titles, and lots of reflective analysis in the form of blog posts. We’re about to find out what was worth reading… twice.

Book to the Future: Epilogue

One year. Twenty-five books. Twelve-thousand pages. And over three-million words. I set out to fill my 2015 with new novels, to re-connect with the simple act of reading literature, novels, stories good and bad, and to clear out some of the many unread tomes littering my bookshelves. I found some some amazing works that inspired me to think in new ways. I discovered other books that bored and confused me. It was a little thing, and a thing we often take for granted: Reading. Literacy. The freedom to pick up any story with any idea and consume it, talk about, write about it, love it or hate it. Ad yet, throughout the year I found myself sitting on the bus, in a park, a cafe, or beside the pool waiting for swimming lessons to finish, and nearly every other set of adult eyes… looking at their phones. Playing games or surfing social media. We have the freedom to do that, too, I guess, but after my year of finding myself lost in the multitude of pages and stories and narratives I kinda think, oh… what a waste.

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11 Dec 02015 | 4 minutes of your time

I did get more out of it, I think, than if I had read it twenty years ago.

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10 Dec 02015 | 7 minutes of your time

Winter running is a tangle of questions and concerns that lurk in the unknown ice-scapes of our frozen trails and frosted streets.

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9 Dec 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

We’ve been overrun by trolls and the bridges that bring us together don’t always feel safe.

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8 Dec 02015 | a few seconds of your time

Dave posted an order form on the group today that we’ll be getting group be-logoed hoodies in the near future.

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We --FINALLY-- had a chance to go see the film The Martian on the weekend. I LOL'd a couple times. The movie was nearly as good as the book.
a sums & pieces for 7 Dec 02015
We drove to Red Deer over the weekend and I tortured Claire and her cousin a bit with some old music and (deliberately, right?) bad singing.
a sums & pieces for 6 Dec 02015

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6 Dec 02015 | a few seconds of your time

Sunday morning at her grandparents may have seen Claire wide awake…

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