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16 Dec 02015 | 6 minutes of your time

Or, five tasty things I drink to escape the cool, refreshing icy-death grip that soda has on my life

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# Of course, mother nature, you're going to make those last 40 klicks towards my annual goal cold, windy and very challenging, aren't you?
16 Dec 02015 morning-ish
Call what on the who now? Oh, wait... I think that's an app on the minicomputer I carry around in my pocket.
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14 Dec 02015 | 3 minutes of your time

I’ve been adding and tweaking questions each year, and each year my answers grow a little longer, too

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A lot of people have been posting Star Wars speculation in anticipation of the upcoming new movie: I should really just stay off YouTube for a couple weeks.
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13 Dec 02015 | a few seconds of your time

We were granted a few hours worth of falling snow this morning.

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I'm usually on my way somewhere, so it's like 95% cardboard to-go cups.
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12 Dec 02015 | 3 minutes of your time

This book was written closer to the last Apollo moon landing than it was to the present day.

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Welcome to Head Over Feets

I’ve been remiss in sharing with you. I often ask myself why I write. I mean, why write at all? Why write if no one is going to read it? Why write unless you think you have something worth saying? I’ve been seriously blogging about running for almost eight years. Back at the beginning it was just my impressions of participation in that clinic. But it grew, expanded, and blossomed. As much as the love of the sport and the amazing community has kept me going, the writing about running has tended to keep me honest. The writing feeds the running, and the running feeds the writing. A few years ago I tried to kick off an independent co-operative blog called FEETS.CA. It ran for about a year, collected a few posts, but it never really became what I thought it might. Maybe I gave up too soon, or maybe I saw the truth of my efforts. Either way, I shuttered, and went back to my personal writing… here. And I think that’s the key: I write here because this is the blog I’ve been nurturing for fifteen years, a collection of words that are bigger than just running anecdotes, but a facet that is connected to that bigger story too. So, as of a few days ago, I have “sub-branded” this blog. The words I write about running are hijacking that old FEETS idea, and running with it in a new direction, still connected but bigger and actively seeking more participation. Head Over Feets is my new Running Blogger identity: my overthought words on a topic I adore.

Book Twice: Prologue

It’s Blog About Reading Day here on the blog… apparently. Not only did I finish one book and start another, but I finished one annual goal (albeit a few days early) and started a new one (again, a few days early.) It’s (almost) two-thousand-sixteen and another twenty-five books are queued up and waiting to be read. Over the last year I have found a list of new stories to read, but this year –a year of recession and belt-tightening and reflection– I have chosen to make a twist on my reading. See, I rarely discard a book. So it should thus come as no surprise that we have overflowing shelves of books we’ve read and enjoyed and savoured and swore up-and-down-back-and-forth we’re going to re-read someday. Alas, it is someday. I’m going to spend the next year, the whole of 2016, revisiting my book collection, digging back into books I read once, but that I haven’t read (or listened to) in at least four years. This, obviously excludes any of the titles from last year. And similar rules apply: one title per author, reading printed words or e-book titles, and lots of reflective analysis in the form of blog posts. We’re about to find out what was worth reading… twice.

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