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18 Oct 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

A confluence of vacation speculation and a modest financial windfall leads me to ponder a technology upgrade.

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This Used to Be a Running Blog…

…among other things. It has become increasingly clear that I’ve fallen off the running wagon this year. On Saturday I watched on the socials as dozens of my friends ran around the city and province, training and racing in events including five klick fundraisers, long training runs, late-evening party races, favourite mountain events, and even an epic ultra marathon trail run. I ate pizza and wandered around the science centre. Albeit it was my only daughter’s tenth birthday party and I was playing the role of the good dad, but I didn’t even go out for a modest morning jog on Saturday. It didn’t even cross my mind. I tell myself over and over and over that “I’m gonna pick it up” again soon, get back into some serious training and maybe even some serious distance… but there is a motivational element that isn’t clicking these days. It used to be that I wrote about it, ran it, and then wrote about it some more. Maybe that was it? Stay tuned, I guess… this slump can’t last forever.

25 Sep 02017 | asides & shorts | running
Less and less with each passing month.
a sums & pieces for 25 Sep 02017
Practically speaking? Because there is an inverse relationship between how much fun something is to how much someone will pay you to do it.
a sums & pieces for 24 Sep 02017
According to me, their time and love. According to Claire, an iPad.
a sums & pieces for 23 Sep 02017
Teaching the skills of dealing with life's hard realities by finding a balance between supporting too much and supporting too little.
a sums & pieces for 22 Sep 02017
No contest: spicy every time.
a sums & pieces for 13 Sep 02017

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13 Sep 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

One year ago today I cracked open the case of my violin for the first time…

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We downloaded the Switch version of Lego Worlds. I've been virtual LEGO'ing.
a sums & pieces for 12 Sep 02017
D’oh! Homer is Dead. Long Live the Bread

Born April 2016… died September 2017. Sigh. For those who have been refreshing this page DAILY to read the next chapter in my sourdough bread making saga, I’m sorry to say it ended in tragedy. After a limp, bread-weak summer, we watched Homer the Sourdough (sour… d’oh!) starter goopify himself in the fridge. I’ll blame myself. It was largely neglect, and lack of due care and attention. But I hadn’t invested as much energy in the poor guy as I should have despite providing dozens of mixed-result loaves since we’d hatched him over a year ago. As far as starters go he was pretty solid, though I was never entirely, one-hundred-percent satisfied with his effort. I’m sure that was all my bumbling, novice opinion however and with a year and a half of sourdough experience upon which to draw I’m posting today as a marker in time of the bumbling counter-redemption. Last night I washed out Homer’s cage and set the trap for a new culture… and hopefully my yeast-hunting excursions will be fruitful. I should know by the weekend. My second-born starter may be announced in mere days. Stay tuned and feel free to suggest a name in the comments.

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5 Sep 02017 | 8 minutes of your time

In August 2017 after months of prep we found ourselves at the trail head of the mostly famous Berg Lake trail.

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28 Aug 02017 | 2 minutes of your time

Alas, Vulk has spent the bulk of his time in the last year in a drawer, waiting for some travel-based inspiration.

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