At least a dozen, but the better question is what percentage of my day do I look at them. Sadly, that up in the 50%+ range.
a sums & pieces for 21 Feb 02017
Fiddler on the Living Room Rug

I’ve started to mentally categorize my efforts to learn the violin into four groupings of music: (1) the student music, including all those short little foundational pieces that I play because they are part of my lessons and because they teach me technique. (2) the popular music, including the random “101 Disney Hits” and the “Film Songbook” sheet music collections that I play because they have piano accompaniment or because they are fairly simple and impress people who are eavesdropping on me practice. (3) the advanced violin music, like the Paganini Caprices which I’ve seen in these thick wads of paper that are more notes than white-space but which I haven’t bothered even thinking about yet. (4) the fiddle music which is on a equally technical but alternative fork from the advanced violin music, but which has some naturally built-in flexibility allowing for some leeway in the skill level required to make it sound passable. I’ve been letting my attention sway into the fiddle music zone lately, if only because it seems like the ultimate path I’m aiming for with this instrument. It also seems as though the type of thing where a handful of memorized songs, played modestly well, could fill a half an hour, give or take, of air time if I’m ever in one of those situations where, violin in hand someone says… “Well, then? Go on. Play.” In that vibe, I spent a few good hours memorizing some fiddle riffs over the last weeks.

21 Feb 02017 | asides & shorts | musician
Slush Run
10 km
Slush Run
20 Feb 02017
We had accumulated a couple centimeters of fresh, wet snow overnight.
Paranormal sci-fi pre-post-apocalyptic quasi-horror political thriller.
a sums & pieces for 20 Feb 02017
Slinging Guns & Gunslingers

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19 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

And so thus began my relationship with the novels of Stephen King.

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19 Feb 02017 | a few seconds of your time

…better than I would have expected for a Sunday evening after a couple glasses of wine.

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Zelda Primed

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17 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

I’m sure I’ll have some old-guy-gamer thoughts on it in a month or two.

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Chill. Relax. Loosen Up. Let it Go.

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17 Feb 02017 | 2 minutes of your time

Let it go floppy. Let it go loose. Let the tension out. Go limp. Go gel.

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Can’t Help Falling in Love

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10 Feb 02017 | a few seconds of your time

I was doing some video rendering and I came across this classic bit of Elvis music.

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Just One of A Hundred Thousand Worlds

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9 Feb 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

The story got a bit bogged down in the middle, but generally I liked it…

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Mindfulless Mindfulmess

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8 Feb 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

I frequently seek some balance and clarity in various thought-out methods of my own.

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# Reality is not an emotional state. Facts don't care if you like them. Objective truth persists even after you stop defending it.
7 Feb 02017

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