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Slush Run
10 km
Slush Run
20 Feb 02017
We had accumulated a couple centimeters of fresh, wet snow overnight.
Probably shoveling. Yeah, shoveling snow is so awesome. It's the best. You should come over next time it snows. I'll let you try it. Just don't tell anyone else how awesome it is.
a sums & pieces for 19 Dec 02016
Chariots of Fire
10.5 km
Chariots of Fire
24 Apr 02016
...and my legs and my back and my brain all hurt at the same time.
January Snowstorm
3.8 km
January Snowstorm
14 Jan 02016
Before the real cold and just enough to get the blood flowing.
Find an excuse to go outside.
a sums & pieces for 19 Dec 02015
Welcoming back some snow sports; Running through the snow, skiing in the park, and sledding with the girl...
a sums & pieces for 1 Dec 02015
First Day of Snow

As much as I was a little sad to see the snow, the upside was that it was my first official winter driving experience in the truck. I ended up the day by putting on a little over 60km around the city –commuting, picking up Claire, running some evening errands– all on some moderately sloppy streets. It’s dangerous out there, and I don’t want to be too cavalier about that danger, yet it was a modest comfort to be able to try out the 4×4 on the snow-and-iced suburban trails and have that comfortable feeling of near-guaranteed acceleration at an intersection, or the confidence to keep a safe speed on the freeway in thick traffic. I saw enough vehicles in ditches, and at least one truck wrapped around a light standard, so I know that confidence can get away from some folks. But some of that lingering uncertainty I had about the truck dealing with the winter is slowly melting away.

23 Nov 02015 | asides & shorts | driving
Winter Running with Attitude

On the radio this past week there has been some ongoing banter about participating in sports in the (local) winter. They were discussing the value of –specifically– cycling in winter, but for the parts that I heard there was a lot that could be translated into advice on running in winter, too… well, apart from the bits about studded tires. It did get me thinking: despite its late arrival this year, the snow is presumably coming. It’s already pretty cold out, and its only a matter of time before getting outdoors in the deep chill becomes more a chore than a joy. That said (and in light of what they were discussing on the radio) I really do think it has as much to do with our perception of the cold than the actual feel of it. After all, we’re all hardy Canadians. We get this weather six months of the year, and if we really didn’t like it we’ve move away, right? So, here’s what I’ve decided: I’m going to put on an attitude shift this winter along with all my warm woolen running gear, and I’m going to try and think about (and of course write about) winter running is the sunniest light I can muster. That’s gotta be worth a few (psychological) degrees of extra warmth, right?


9 Mar 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

In the end it wasn’t my best time, but it was my best on the year.

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