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Ice Nine & a Tangled Up Cat’s Cradle

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26 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

…an allusion to the cold war and the nuclear build up era during which it was written.

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Slinging Guns & Gunslingers

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19 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

And so thus began my relationship with the novels of Stephen King.

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What About Bob(iverse)?

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12 Jan 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

What if we could transfer the essence of a human brain, it’s thoughts and memories, into a computer and make that computer sentient?

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You Put Your Robot Hand In… and You Shake it All About

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5 Jan 02017 | 2 minutes of your time

I read Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel.

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Big Brains, Darwin, Trout and the Galápagos

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1 Jan 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

a science fiction-ish novel told from a million years the far future

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Learning Sci Fi

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7 Apr 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

My Kindle wish-list is now bursting at the seams with books I’d never heard of.

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Dune (4.4) Conquored

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15 Feb 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

…the dangling threads of the story wrapped up in a conclusion that was simultaneously complex and clever.

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Dune (4.3) Deserves a 14-hour Film, I Think.

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4 Feb 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

The point isn’t that it has already been filmed, but rather than the scope of it made it seem so impossible.

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Dune (4.2) Buried in Gritty Betrayal

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1 Feb 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

…vast cultures with hidden secrets & sprawling political dynasties willing to murder…

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Dune (4.1) Is Epic & Classic Science Fiction

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25 Jan 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

…filled with political intrigue and deeply mystical interpretations of the universe.

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Red Mars (1.3) Might be a Big Red Macguffin

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6 Jan 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

…if I stretch the definition of a Macguffin.

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