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Two Strides Forward… One Back

Things were going pretty good for a week there. I fit in six runs over eight days. I pulled off a couple solo jaunts. I did a nice long fifteen klick tour with the crew. And I even did another (more) successful tempo. And then my sinuses decided that they hadn’t been infected in a while so promptly filled up with snot and left me in a cottonheaded daze on the couch for four days. Day five I played it safe and took an extra day of “I don’t trust you sinuses” rest, and now on day six I’m hoping I strong enough to get back into the rhythm. Lost… almost a whole week of training on a short schedule. Drat!

29 Mar 02017 | asides & shorts | running


15 Mar 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

Or, maybe I shouldn’t have had spicy chicken for lunch.

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Running. (revved back up in 2017!) Bowing. (some beautiful music!) Cooking. (in a new kitchen!)
a sums & pieces for 27 Dec 02016
There's a selfie you've probably seen of me chomping on my finisher medal a few seconds after finishing the NYC Marathon in Central Park. That one.
a sums & pieces for 30 Nov 02016
Race Recap: NYC Marathon
Race Recap: NYC Marathon
21 Nov 02016
It was an amazing experience, of course. Would I do it again? If I didn't have to run the race, sure.
Fueling NYC

I’ve settled on my fuel plan for New York. I’ve been training with this product called Infinit Nutrition, trying out a couple of their sport drink blends on my longer runs (which are now consistently up in the high twenties for distance.) My completely unscientific assessment is that (a) I’m feeling better between runs (recovery) than I remember feeling between runs last time and (b) they don’t give me the gurgles in my tum-tum. On that anecdotal evidence alone, I ordered a customized formula from their website, tweaking the mix to what I think I need to balance out the last few nagging doubts in my training for the home stretch, and bring it home to the NYC finish line in November. The only thing that’s got me worried now is what kind of documentation I might need to carry a small bag of white powder across the border later this year. It’s sports drink. No… really.

14 Sep 02016 | asides & shorts | running
The running dreams have begun as NYC Marathon sneaks ever closer: I dreamed I was struggling to get to the start line, and when I ran I got lost in the basement of Central Perk cafe. Oi!
a sums & pieces for 28 Aug 02016
Sunlight, fresh snow, and a staged selfie-esque running photo. There were a few good ones, but I like the one backlit by the sun through the snow-covered trees.
a sums & pieces for 30 Dec 02015
Running. Reading. Writing.
a sums & pieces for 27 Dec 02015
Fifty Days for a Hundred and Fifty Remaining Klicks

I’m rounding a little bit, but here’s the thing. There are now just fifty days left in twenty-fifteen. And still ticking away is my New Years goal –the one I’ve been setting every year for a few years now– to run a certain number of klicks in that ever-shortening window of time. As of my last run I crept within a jog-around-the-blocks distance of twelve hundred klicks on the year. That means I’m getting close, but as with every year that I take this down to the wire, I still have to log a hundred and fifty (give or take) before the fireworks fly on New Years Eve. It’s do-able. It’s achievable. (Even if I looked out the window yesterday evening and saw the frantic signs of a very-nearly-blizzard on my doorstep.) Three klicks per day would do it, but, I’d like to cross the line in style — not putzing along running laps around the park. That last ten percent (give or take) is stretching out before me so it’s time to crack the whip and run.

12 Nov 02015 | asides & shorts | running

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