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7 Dec 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

There are no dimly lit, drunken fist fights, but the parallel to Fight Club is strong in this one…

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1 Dec 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

In 2016 I had this big goal of rereading 25 books.

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3 Jun 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

Around the seven hundred and fifty days mark I bought myself a little reward…

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Running. Reading. Writing.
a sums & pieces for 27 Dec 02015

technology | writing 

17 Dec 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

I never thought I’d be the person who advocated for voice-to-text dictation…

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Book Twice: Prologue

It’s Blog About Reading Day here on the blog… apparently. Not only did I finish one book and start another, but I finished one annual goal (albeit a few days early) and started a new one (again, a few days early.) It’s (almost) two-thousand-sixteen and another twenty-five books are queued up and waiting to be read. Over the last year I have found a list of new stories to read, but this year –a year of recession and belt-tightening and reflection– I have chosen to make a twist on my reading. See, I rarely discard a book. So it should thus come as no surprise that we have overflowing shelves of books we’ve read and enjoyed and savoured and swore up-and-down-back-and-forth we’re going to re-read someday. Alas, it is someday. I’m going to spend the next year, the whole of 2016, revisiting my book collection, digging back into books I read once, but that I haven’t read (or listened to) in at least four years. This, obviously excludes any of the titles from last year. And similar rules apply: one title per author, reading printed words or e-book titles, and lots of reflective analysis in the form of blog posts. We’re about to find out what was worth reading… twice.

Book to the Future: Epilogue

One year. Twenty-five books. Twelve-thousand pages. And over three-million words. I set out to fill my 2015 with new novels, to re-connect with the simple act of reading literature, novels, stories good and bad, and to clear out some of the many unread tomes littering my bookshelves. I found some some amazing works that inspired me to think in new ways. I discovered other books that bored and confused me. It was a little thing, and a thing we often take for granted: Reading. Literacy. The freedom to pick up any story with any idea and consume it, talk about, write about it, love it or hate it. Ad yet, throughout the year I found myself sitting on the bus, in a park, a cafe, or beside the pool waiting for swimming lessons to finish, and nearly every other set of adult eyes… looking at their phones. Playing games or surfing social media. We have the freedom to do that, too, I guess, but after my year of finding myself lost in the multitude of pages and stories and narratives I kinda think, oh… what a waste.

Read In Week

Remember Baylee the Bee? That little illustrated picture book I wrote and published a few months ago. It’s not going to let me retire early from sales quite yet, but it is selling a copy here and a copy there. More exciting is that within about an hour of writing and publishing this post, I’ll be dropping by Claire’s classroom, iPad in hand, because it’s Read In Week… the week when parents show up and read their kid’s favourite books to the class. And Claire has been telling everyone that her dad is showing up to read the book he wrote: a little story about a bee named Baylee. So, basically what I’m saying is that, in the life of every author there is moment when they must go read their work in front of an audience for the very first time… I guess that’s today. And I’m more nervous than I would have expected.

Books, Ahoy!

Well, this is it: we’re into the last lap. As the first day of autumn squeaks by and having just finished my latest read on the way to work this morning, I realize that I’m now into the final five books of my “Book to the Future” project. I have at least four of those five books figured out, and I’m leaning on picking out something from the horror genre to lead me into Halloween, so… I guess I just need to get it done now. Thing is, I wasn’t expecting to finish my latest book so soon: the last one told me I was at about 90% (so I figured another couple of days) but the last 8% turned out to be one of those “read the first chapters of…” add-ins. So… yeah. It’s just too bad my next book is sitting on the shelf at home.

Book to the Future: Part III

As I sit down to crack my eighteenth book of the year in this little reading project (with a little more than a third of the year left to finish and a little more than two thirds done the effort) I thought I would just mark the moment. I’ve got three of the remaining eight books queued up, but for the most part I’m just making this up as I go along. There hasn’t been much special about my methods for picking any particular titles … which is fine, I think. But I am open to recommendations: not just of crazy classic or weird science fiction, either. I kinda want someone to say “hey… read this… it’s not something you might have ever picked up on your own, but I liked it.” I know it’s going out on a limb, setting up expectations or letting a little of yourself out of the little cage you’ve built around yourself… but also, it’s just a book. Read on.

books & reading 

23 Jun 02015 | 3 minutes of your time

Go ahead… insert yawn here. I know you’re thinking about it.

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13 Jun 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

Now take it one step further and actually write on it? Yawn… but who does that?

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