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Okay, so I’ve never won. Never really even placed very well. But there is something about a race –the atmosphere, the adrenaline, the emotion, and the bling at the end– that makes all the training seem just a little more meaningful. It’s about challenging your feets, walking them to the start line, and…

The Cheque is in the Mail

It’s official… I guess. After some peer pressure, I put on the group organizer hat and registered us a team for the 2016 Banff-Jasper Relay. We’d been talking and planning, but until that payment disappeared into the mail slot it was all largely hypothetical. Alas… we’re on. Stay tuned.

19 Nov 02015 | asides & shorts | running


26 Oct 02015 | 6 minutes of your time

A hundred or so runners launched into a winding and convoluted route…

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Half Six Minus Twenty-Four

I haven’t run the half marathon distance in about five months. Not even the distance. Close. I’ve touched up near nineteen just last week, and skirted through the high teens on and off both before and after my injury. But twenty-one point one? No. Yet in about twenty-four hours I’ll be queuing up at the start line in a local park with a couple hundred other runners and getting ready to do just that. It’s fair to say I’m starting to get a little nervous. Not that I haven’t prepped. Sure, my distance is a little on the low side (we’re calling it a build-to-the-race style of training instead of a taper) and my expectations are for a solid, running to-complete and not a PR. My calves and back are solid, and I’ve been cross-training those. I’m hydrated (and will be suckling a water bottle for the next day to stay that way) and I’ve got the day off, so I can putz around, relax, get in a stretcher run, and otherwise get my gear in order. Still, there is that same lingering doubt that I’m making an effort to squash and stuff away, the same doubt that I feel before every race and every training run. It somehow feels a little more valid this time.

23 Oct 02015 | asides & shorts | running


13 Oct 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

In the end it was a cute little race, despite the cold greeting.

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There's probably a bit of dread mixed in too, but getting back on the ol' half marathon horse is exciting.
a sums & pieces for 1 Oct 02015
Back to the Races?

I must be feeling a little bit recovered. After pretty much sprinting the Terry Fox Run yesterday with an SLR camera strapped to my back — I took 800 photos (for a cause) over the duration — was tired but no calf pain! Huzzah! So, in my optimism, signed up for two more races this morning… The 10 miler fall classic on thanksgiving weekend and the Kathy’s Run…. dramatic pause… half marathon just two weekends later. Better put some mileage on soon.

21 Sep 02015 | asides & shorts | running
# ...and of course it's raining. Here I was worried about it being too hot for the race!
1 Jul 02015 too early to be up

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