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Teaching the skills of dealing with life's hard realities by finding a balance between supporting too much and supporting too little.
a sums & pieces for 22 Sep 02017

blogger | fatherhood 

13 May 02017 | 7 minutes of your time

Vive l’historien de la famille!

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blogger | fatherhood 

8 May 02017 | 9 minutes of your time

What’s right and what’s wrong about this new oversharing world?

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blogger | fatherhood 

4 May 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

And another twist: they will all be a pros versus cons list.

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blogger | fatherhood 

7 Apr 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

No more just writing about fatherhood when I had nothing else to say?

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books & reading 

9 Feb 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

The story got a bit bogged down in the middle, but generally I liked it…

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Claire, as I instructed her to GET DRESSED FOR SCHOOL!
a sums & pieces for 28 Nov 02016
According to me, their time. According to Claire, an iPad.
a sums & pieces for 23 Sep 02016
Walking the metaphorical tightrope between neglect and coddling. And picking out the perfect birthday gift.
a sums & pieces for 22 Sep 02016

fatherhood | school & study 

29 Jun 02016 | a few seconds of your time

They don’t hand out great marks to every kid, do they?

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Swimming Lessons
5 km
Swimming Lessons
7 Apr 02016
When life butts up against my running schedule, the running schedule gives and life wins.

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