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12 Dec 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

It’s that time of year when you set new goals, start big-ass projects that span the three-six-five cycle.

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Brad’s Big Book Queue: Prologue

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1 Dec 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

In 2016 I had this big goal of rereading 25 books.

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Attempts at a Midlife Crazy

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10 Sep 02016 | 5 minutes of your time

…it seemed like something I would never even try because of the perceived cost of time, money, and energy.

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Those First Thousand Klicks of the Year: 2016 Edition

I can always sorta gauge how well my training year is going by when I reach that 1000 klick mark on my annual tally. In 2013, when I was training for (and quickly approaching the date of) my first marathon, I hit that milestone in early August. Otherwise, it’s been a lot later in the year:

  • 2012 – October 30
  • 2013 – August 6
  • 2014 – October 20
  • 2015 – September 26 (During a race so I didn’t write about it.)
  • 2016 – August 13

I crossed that mark once again on Saturday morning, a few minutes into a 15 klick morning run. Again, early in August, with a few months of training left before my November marathon. That fills in a bit of a confidence gap I’ve been feeling. Really. Somehow.

15 Aug 02016 | asides & shorts | running
Decided: Reading by the Rules Kinda Sucks

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1 Jun 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

It sounded like a great idea. But I’ve been slogging.

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To the Wall (and Back Again)
10.6 km
To the Wall (and Back Again)
13 Mar 02016
You can't go back until you've actually put your hand on it.
A Goal Well Set & A Goal Well Met


30 Dec 02015 | 4 minutes of your time

It’s new years. Be SMART. Share, enjoy, and go set some goals.

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An ultramarathon. I'm not ready to try one... but I once said I'd never do a full marathon either.
a sums & pieces for 3 Dec 02015
December Resolutions : 2015 Edition

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1 Dec 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

Big things with little daily efforts. They all add up.

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2012 = Smashed

It’s that time of year as I near my annual running goal distance when I can start comparing to previous year’s efforts. Like today. Today, after a seven klick Saturday run I smashed through my 2012 effort. In 2012, after a long year of slogging and training and whatever, and after my last run of that year on December 30th, I reported a total of 1210 klicks plus change. As of this morning, with a month and a half left to go in the year: 1211 klicks and change. One record crushed, putting this year currently in third place for total distance. Unless I run two marathons per week for the rest of the year, I’m not going to get into first, but I am trying for second…

14 Nov 02015 | asides & shorts | running
The Euphoria of Half Done


13 Nov 02015 | 5 minutes of your time

December first begins my epic quest to live a life well-worded.

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Awesome Starting Points

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