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Every couple of years I do a coffee reset: I go cold turkey for a month or so and forego my ritualistic morning beverage, limit my caffeine to light teas, and struggle back to a baseline in an attempt to whatever levels help to de-jitter, de-stimulate my brain. It’s not anything magical: it’s just a biological balancing that I do when I hit a threshold of some personal bar of too-much-daily-intake. It’s been thirteen days as of today. And what I’ve learned in the last twenty-four hours is that a coffee reset and a daylight saving time switch do not mix. Glaaaaaaah!

Usually I'm walking out a few minutes later and they don't like it if you take the ceramic mugs. So, paper.
a sums & pieces for 13 Dec 02016
Black. One sugar.
a sums & pieces for 27 Aug 02016
Coffee in the Burbs

Finally back on schedule after the holidays, I’m sitting in the local cafe with my laptop on a Friday morning. (They may be a limited commodity, so I’m savouring them.) As usual, and as I’ve done for almost a year now, I paid for my coffee with an app from my phone. It is a familiar action, something that when I buy coffee downtown is just how the world works. Everyone lines up with their phones open. Scan-Bleep. Scan-Bleep. Scan-Bleep. Cash? Really? Pause. Scan-Bleep… I’d sat down with my coffee, and just opened up my laptop, and a guy walks up to me and asks “Excuse me, how did you just pay for your coffee, there? Did you use your phone?” There was palpable amazement in his voice, as if I’d just transported into the restaurant on a hoverboard with a pet velociraptor on a leash, not, y’know paid for a coffee with my phone. This is the point at which point I politely show him the app, as he open-mouthed revelled in my technological awesomeness. And then I show him the three giant posters in the store advertising said app and… well, ah… life in the burbs.

29 Jan 02016 | city & culture | technology
I'm usually on my way somewhere, so it's like 95% cardboard to-go cups.
a sums & pieces for 13 Dec 02015
# This morning's coffee is brought to you by the letter L and the lazy effort to mix up all the little bags of ground coffee with not enough left to make a full pot. Hashtag: #bottomofthebagblend
2 Aug 02015 morning-ish
When I'm out camping, I do wish it was as easy to make a good cup of coffee as it was to steep a simple cup of tea. Half an hour of effort for some mediocre brew, but sooooo worth it.
a sums & pieces for 18 Jul 02015


23 Apr 02015 | 9 minutes of your time

I’m taking notes and I’m gonna try and learn a few things from their very public mistakes.

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22 Dec 02014 | a few seconds of your time

Karin has been baking.

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The little environmentalist in me cringes, but I always go for to-go cups.
a sums & pieces for 13 Dec 02014

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13 Nov 02014 | 3 minutes of your time

For no particularly good reason I’ve taken a break from coffee.

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Coffee. COfFeE. COFFFEEEEE! But then I've pretty much cut out everything else besides milk and water, so what do you expect?
a sums & pieces for 4 Nov 02014

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