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7 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

If you know me, you’ve probably seen me wandering around with a camera in my hand at some point or another.

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Photographic Evidence

I’ve been remiss in my photography lately, and I genuinely feel bad about that. I have a nice collection of decent cameras that –while they do get used– are becoming more and more “things I use on vacation” rather than for the love of snapping photos. And this is a shame, not only because good equipment shouldn’t be gathering dust on the shelf, but taking pictures tends to drive me towards participation in experiences that are worth taking pictures of. I snap not to have only to evidence of that participation, but to have reason to have that experience in the first place. It’s not a completely rational thing, but it’s the reality. So, I’ve been thinking of making another little project: a daily photo, for, well, let’s call it a year. And the rule will be this: for every month, at least 25 of those (approximately 30) photos must be taken with a camera that is not my phone. Daily. Photos. Starting now. Go.

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8 Apr 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

I’m still debating, but I think I’ve decided.

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Frozen Camera
7.8 km
Frozen Camera
9 Jan 02016
It was very cold today & I was basically solar powered.
# Booyah! Apparently while on vacation the odometer on my (not so) new camera rolled over to 10,000 pics.
23 Jan 02015
I was at my parents house during a storm and a tornado was passing directly over their house, shaking and rattling the walls and windows. But the thing that bothered me the most during the dream is that I couldn't get the video camera on my phone to work properly. Messed up, or what?
a sums & pieces for 28 Aug 02014
I've been forcing myself to shoot almost exclusively --at least 80%-- in full manual mode on my new camera. It means some of my photos are not as strong as they could be, but I've learned a whole bunch more.
a sums & pieces for 30 Jul 02014
My cameras, my running shoes, and my hammock.
a sums & pieces for 21 Jun 02014
Old Camera, New Camera

It’s been six years since I last upgraded my SLR. That’s right. I bought my Canon 40D in the summer of 2008. A couple years ago I was contemplating an upgrade (an upgrade that never happened) and I was pondering the idea of moving up a category to the Canon 6D, a choice that surprisingly I think I’d still make today if I were standing at the counter of a camera shop with a mitt-full of cash: Full frame sensor, a wider ISO range with much improved noise reduction, a faster FPS rate, HD-video and some other nifty gimmicky add-ons like Wi-Fi upload and control and GPS-based geo-tagging. It’s been lurking on my mind because we’ve got a pretty awesome trip planned for sometime this summer –exact details withheld– and I’ve got about just the right amount of time to learn a new camera and put it through the paces before I take it on an epic vacation where I would be depending on it day-to-day. Are there any other options (preferably in the Canon family) I should be pondering?

fatherhood | running 

20 Apr 02014 | 4 minutes of your time

That doesn’t mean that she can’t be a part of the other aspects of distance running training.

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photography | running 

22 Feb 02014 | 3 minutes of your time

I start this new photography challenge with a run. A cold run.

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