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Unwritten Running


7 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

…. at one point I wrote a lot more about running.

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Social Media Update

If you don’t see me posting on the socials for a while, don’t be too alarmed. We’ve had a falling out, social media and I. I don’t want to be one of those guys who stomps his feet, picks up the ball and storms off saying that I don’t want to play anymore. (I guess one can’t help appearing that way.) But as I slouch into my 40s I get that feeling like Facebook and Twitter and all their ilk are like great lumbering beasts sharting out great hypnotizing clouds of faux news and belching giant isolating thought bubbles and that every time I visit, every time I post, every interaction I have with one of those services I’m feeding that damn beast, shoving bits of undeserved food into their maws while the world suffers through misinformation and sinks deeper into that brave new world, a soma-coma of rot, of feelings overtaking truths, perceptions overpowering evidence. It’s left me feeling sad and overwhelmed, like trying to hold back a tsunami with a little plastic pail on the beach. So, my little vacations over and lacking anything more interesting to share with you there for a while, instead I’m going to focus on a social media thought machine I can control: this blog. I’ll lurk on the other sites, a little, but don’t expect much else more me for a while.

Paused Feets

It’s been almost exactly six months since I started the whole “Head over Feets” blog effort and –despite the wonderful, if modest, support from you all, and thank each of you for that– I’ve decided over the last few days that I need to pull the plug. At least for now. Maybe permanently, but just for now to just step back, unplug, unpublish, and stop posting anywhere else but on this blog-proper. It’s not about my readers & followers. It’s not about social media sharing clashing with brash social marketing. It’s not about the sport or the fitness or the goals or the purpose of why I started it in the first place. What it comes down to, complexly and with very blurry edges actually, is that I’m fighting with some deep and irreconcilable frustrations stemming out of this place that I call home, these trails that I run, and the simple notion that what I often write and share blossoms from a deep, foundational love of writing about those things. But then I was out for a walk in my park this afternoon. And despite my rational brain, despite knowing that it’s just a blurry problem with two sides, just thinking about these things and knowing that they represent something so much bigger than grass or asphalt or trees, walking my dog in the place that was supposed to be my happy-place, it made me literally vibrate with rage. Exasperation. A mania that I could feel pressing on the inside of my skull. And doing what I do means it’s difficult to openly write how I really feel– but then also I can’t lie to you and pretend I don’t feel it. When I do write here, I write here to be additive to the culture of a place or an idea. But I can’t do that when I feel the exact opposite of love for this place. I can’t knowingly add to something I’m not sure I believe in anymore. So, until I work that out, until I find a way to contribute and still sleep at night, well… I guess I’ll see you on the trails.

Happy Blog-i-versary… to me.

So, yeah. Fifteen years ago today I sat down in front of a computer much clunkier and much less fancy than the one I’m writing this on to write some other words you probably haven’t read or should read or don’t care if you ever read now. Fifteen years ago I used my cheap-ass dial-up internet to upload a few paragraphs of text formatted into crude HTML blocks on a plain, boring page coded and connected and delivered via an FTP connection. Fifteen years ago I was sitting on the floor of a bachelor pad apartment, lost in Vancouver, pondering a soon-to-start new job and doing so using this wacky new trend called blogging. Fifteen years ago today the first dribs and drabs of this blog were conceived and born and published and maybe even read. Fifteen years. Yup. That’s all.

20 Apr 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
The 40ish : Minus Two Hundred Thirty

life happens 

6 Apr 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

The engine light seemed to blinking a vague sort of warning…

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Maybe it’s paranoid, or maybe it’s just past due. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about privacy and blogging lately, over the last months and through some recent blog changes, and I’ve decided to draw a little electronic line in the blogger sand. Over the coming weeks, and progressing into the future, I’m going to be switching a majority of my old or sensitive content into “private” mode. That is to say, I’m not deleting anything, but the only person who will be able to see or read it will be me. There are a lot of reasons to do this, but not the least of these is that Claire is approaching an awkward age where all those lovely things I’ve written about her over the years could be used in not-so-lovely ways. Sad, but true. Thus, ancient content is going to be filtered down to virtually nothing. Old content will be sorted through and a bunch of it will be locked away for my-eyes-only viewing. And anything newer than, say 2012, will be strategically set with expiration dates going forward, sometimes as short as a couple months.

11 Jan 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
It’s a Wonderful New Years Tradition…

abstract & thinking | blogger 

14 Dec 02015 | 3 minutes of your time

I’ve been adding and tweaking questions each year, and each year my answers grow a little longer, too

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Managing a blog is so much more complicated than writing posts. For the last couple weeks it seems that I’ve been listed in a bot-net of some kind and have been bombarded with attempts by someone (or more likely, something) trying to sneak in through the backdoor of this blog. Lots of IP addresses from Latvia are showing up in my logs as failed login attempts –and since I’m not in Latvia, well, you do the math. As far as hack attempts go, they’re going to to need to have a horseshoe up their butt to break my password, but I took the extra security measure last night, and added two-factor authentication to my WordPress login. What’s two-factor authentimagobbledeegook, you ask? It’s what everyone should have on every account that has any personal or important information stored inside: your email, your dropbox, your paypal account… whatever. Yes, it means one tiny extra step when you log in –like typing in a code that is SMS’d to your phone, or using a token app to generate a rolling key code– but pause for one minute and consider how inconvenient your life would become if someone could suddenly –secretly– access your email account. Is an extra ten seconds to log in really that bad? Look it up. It’s one of those things that, yes, I will help you set up if you want –and I won’t even grumble too much about it.

12 Nov 02015 | asides & shorts | blogger
Touchable Template

With Karin out of town, I was stuck at home with –y’know– dad responsibilities, and so I spent the better part of my evening last night doing some minor tweaks to my blog template. It’s a small thing, yeah, but it should make it a lot more “touchable.” Whaaaa..?? Well, rather than just have great big gorgeous feature imagery on my front page with itty-bitty word-titles that you click to navigate to the article, now every time there is a picture associated with an article, that whole image is clickable. It’s a bigger target for your little finger. Again… small thing, but with a big usability impact, particularly if you’re reading this blog on a tablet or a phone. Enjoy!

Blogging is Dead, Long Live Blogging

blogger | meta & methods 

24 Apr 02015 | 6 minutes of your time

As an economist might put it, the opportunity cost of seeking the impossible is in the ignoring of the rational.

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Disqus for Comments

I did a big switch-over last night and I’m going to try running my comments off of Disqus for a while. It’s not that I think WordPress isn’t up to the task, but I do think the advantage of a single-sign-on for YOUR personal information, and YOU not being required to give ME your email address in order to comment on the drivel I write here may have a long term, net positive impact. Not that its a huge deal with the literally tens of comments I get here every year, but just so you know… and just so when I dig back through my archives to try remembering when I switched, now I can. Ready… mark!


29 Jan 02015 | a few seconds of your time

I’ve been avidly blogging on the topic of fatherhood since I found out that metaphorical oven timer was running, filling the web with various and literal bits of insight and idle curiosity.

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