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Running Update

I’ll be taking a few days off. My body has finally given up: I pushed myself a little too far while doing some of the renovation work over the weekend and despite running a full and a half marathon, travelling to both ends of the continent, fighting off numerous proto-infections that threatened to derail everything, and doing dozens of hours of manual labour over the last two weeks while never taking a single minute more off of work, that part where I reached above the stove to adjust some venting was the metaphorical straw that broke… well, actually MY back. I’ve been sidelined and I think it’s my cue to take some down time for a couple weeks. When I can actually walk again without slouching in subtle pain, maybe I’ll do some short, slow runs, but until then…

28 Nov 02016 | asides & shorts | running


2 Sep 02016 | 6 minutes of your time

There is this acknowledgement that sometimes the trail changes, gets steeper, curves in a way that you weren’t quite expecting…

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Distance Report: Half Way to 2017

It’s the end of June, and that means it’s like half-new-years, and time to assess where things are on the old goal tracking effort. I’d set a goal of running about 1400 klicks by the end of 2016, and I’ve been meticulously spreadsheeting my logged data over the past 6 months. Result: as of the end of June I’ve bumped a small nudge past the 800 klick mark. For those who are quick with math, you’ll note that this is about a hundred and some klicks ahead of schedule… and the marathon training proper hasn’t even really begun. I wrote a couple days ago that my enthusiasm and energy is in a bit of a valley at the moment, so my plan for the next month is going to be to find a way to climb out of there and push on with the longer distances and steeper demands of the marathon build. But otherwise… ahead of schedule is good, right?

30 Jun 02016 | asides & shorts | running

running | watching & listening 

23 Dec 02015 | 5 minutes of your time

When we compensate as a matter of course, as a purpose for the effort itself, that compensation in either direction becomes an excuse.

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16 Dec 02015 | 6 minutes of your time

Or, five tasty things I drink to escape the cool, refreshing icy-death grip that soda has on my life

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# Of course, mother nature, you're going to make those last 40 klicks towards my annual goal cold, windy and very challenging, aren't you?
16 Dec 02015 morning-ish
Welcome to Head Over Feets

I’ve been remiss in sharing with you. I often ask myself why I write. I mean, why write at all? Why write if no one is going to read it? Why write unless you think you have something worth saying? I’ve been seriously blogging about running for almost eight years. Back at the beginning it was just my impressions of participation in that clinic. But it grew, expanded, and blossomed. As much as the love of the sport and the amazing community has kept me going, the writing about running has tended to keep me honest. The writing feeds the running, and the running feeds the writing. A few years ago I tried to kick off an independent co-operative blog called FEETS.CA. It ran for about a year, collected a few posts, but it never really became what I thought it might. Maybe I gave up too soon, or maybe I saw the truth of my efforts. Either way, I shuttered, and went back to my personal writing… here. And I think that’s the key: I write here because this is the blog I’ve been nurturing for fifteen years, a collection of words that are bigger than just running anecdotes, but a facet that is connected to that bigger story too. So, as of a few days ago, I have “sub-branded” this blog. The words I write about running are hijacking that old FEETS idea, and running with it in a new direction, still connected but bigger and actively seeking more participation. Head Over Feets is my new Running Blogger identity: my overthought words on a topic I adore.


8 Dec 02015 | a few seconds of your time

Dave posted an order form on the group today that we’ll be getting group be-logoed hoodies in the near future.

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An ultramarathon. I'm not ready to try one... but I once said I'd never do a full marathon either.
a sums & pieces for 3 Dec 02015
Ten Day Break

I’m starting to feel a bit guilty, but sometimes you gotta practice what you preach. I’ve been on the injured list. And this calf thing, whatever it was –strain, tear, pull– has taken longer than expected to heal up. As of today, a week after the injury and ten days since I’ve been out running, I feel pretty good. I’d call it 99%. I’d call it not hurting unless I think about it and twist my way into certain pose to make it hurt. I’m going to try a short run tomorrow after one more night of rest, but I’m starting to grow restless.

25 Nov 02015 | asides & shorts | running
Winter Running with Attitude

On the radio this past week there has been some ongoing banter about participating in sports in the (local) winter. They were discussing the value of –specifically– cycling in winter, but for the parts that I heard there was a lot that could be translated into advice on running in winter, too… well, apart from the bits about studded tires. It did get me thinking: despite its late arrival this year, the snow is presumably coming. It’s already pretty cold out, and its only a matter of time before getting outdoors in the deep chill becomes more a chore than a joy. That said (and in light of what they were discussing on the radio) I really do think it has as much to do with our perception of the cold than the actual feel of it. After all, we’re all hardy Canadians. We get this weather six months of the year, and if we really didn’t like it we’ve move away, right? So, here’s what I’ve decided: I’m going to put on an attitude shift this winter along with all my warm woolen running gear, and I’m going to try and think about (and of course write about) winter running is the sunniest light I can muster. That’s gotta be worth a few (psychological) degrees of extra warmth, right?

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