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fatherhood | photography 

11 May 02017 | 10 minutes of your time

What do the photos we take illustrate to the young impressionable minds of the subjects of those pictures.

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3 Days, 3 Winter Photo Expeditions

There must be something photogenic about the snow. For the third day in a row, I found myself out making winter videos, taking winter pictures, and generally enjoying the cold weather with a GoPro camera fastened to something or other. On Friday, I ventured out into the cold and took a “Let’s Run” video on the icy trails. On Saturday, I took the GoPro running again, but this time made use of the Gorillapod to prop it up in various snowbanks and do some staged running pics. And then today, Sunday, I took Claire and her cousins sledding on the big hill and took some pretty awesome sliding footage, including one of my father-in-law blowing a tire at full speed on the hill: as of right now that clip’s got about twenty-five likes on Facebook. But now I figure that if it takes a cold winter weekend to motivate me to do this kind of outdoor photo effort, I’ll take a few more days of chill, thanks.

city & culture 

25 Oct 02015 | a few seconds of your time

Fort Edmonton opens for a couple chilly fall evenings completely redecorated and themed for a family friendly Halloween party.

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photography | travel & vacations 

25 Aug 02015 | a few seconds of your time

I have a whole stack of auto-generated animations built from the various collections of images I uploaded.

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# Now comes the post-vacation blur of sorting through five thousand photos.
21 Aug 02015


4 Jun 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

Since I’m the kind of guy who likes to take a dozen pics and choose the best ones, I have a lot of photos that have been animated into nifty little GIFs

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# Part of me feels like its my professional duty to be baseline proficient in social media. Thus, my recent experimenting with Instagram.
31 Mar 02015 morning-ish

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