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I first discovered Minecraft when it was still a little-known beta experiment. Does that make me a Minecraft hipster? Now my daughter schools me in the arts of constructing block-shaped worlds.

We downloaded Minecraft for the Switch, which has me hooked on solo crafting again when I have time to spare.
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24 May 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

Claire, it seems, has taken up competitive video gaming.

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Wacky Doors!
Wacky Doors!
29 Mar 02016
She's been telling all her friends that her and her dad are still making Minecraft YouTube videos.
A Throne for a Claire
A Throne for a Claire
14 Feb 02016
...we picked up a few minutes later and tried again on episode 9b!
Claire Alone?
Claire Alone?
13 Feb 02016
But she made it, and she's darned proud of it.
AquaCow? SeaCow? What’s the Difference?
AquaCow? SeaCow? What’s the Difference?
31 Jan 02016
Our new --um-- pet...
Building a Coaster?
Building a Coaster?
30 Jan 02016
...she robbed the larder and started to build.
Needing Wood
Needing Wood
23 Jan 02016
Even though gathering resources can be really boring.
Lots of Let’s Play

My daughter is slightly obsessed with watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. I’m okay with that, but in this world of passive media consumption a dad needs to figure out a simple way to make sure that some of that passion moves from the passive mode into the engaged mode. Ideally, I’d kick her outside to play, but the temperature sucks, and even I don’t really want to be outside, preferring to hunker down in my pajamas and watch. So, I guess when you have the tools and the know-how, inspiration is the only missing ingredient. Hence why you’ve been seeing a lot of videos of us playing videos games here lately. I thought I would explain, if only because we’ve made so many and as I write this another is being uploaded. It isn’t all serious: it’s fun, too. But part of me would rather see her as an active, creative participant, than only a lump-on-the-couch consumer of this stuff. When you create as well as watch, your mind watches in a different way. And that’s a good thing.

Quest for More Ore
Quest for More Ore
17 Jan 02016
And check out when she breaks into song part way through.
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
16 Jan 02016
As you start a new world, there is lots of little bits of housekeeping and resource gathering to be done.

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