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At some point in your life you realize that happiness is not an event or a goal or an achievement that you obtain. It is not an object. It is not contained in something. It is not granted, given, bought, won, or found. Happiness by those definitions is an illusion, and like any illusion something that might tease you from a distance, but something that will be impossible to acquire by chasing it. Instead, I think this #100happydays has a deeper point: happiness, whatever happiness is, can only be measured as a state of mind.

Happy Redacted

Nothing implied. Nothing over-stated. If you’ve been following along for the last couple months as I did that “Daily Happy” project, you may have noticed a couple things. I hit 50 entries and… well… kinda puttered out. It all neatly aligned with some sad and generally-unhappy moments (ie. a very sore back) which had a corresponding impact on my ability to (a) be very happy about that and more importantly (b) sit at a computer and write happy thoughts. So… hiatus? Pause? Or just the end? Here’s the thing: I’m feeling mostly better (from the back-thing, anyhow) and also I’ve got a great big other writing project coming down the pipes for June. Remember? 30 Posts in June? That’s happening again starting in about a week. So, take it how you will and read into it what you may (though there is nothing but overwhelming lack of time to be read into) but I’m going to call the happy thing over… for now… and maybe we’ll pull it out of the blogging bag of tricks again at some point in the future.

# #100happydays #dailyhappy (50/100) ...after a few days laid up on the couch with a wrenched back, I can walk again and I've gone back to work. #painintheback
22 May 02014 morning-ish
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (49/100) ... "ad-bombed" on the train this morning when four actors from Fort Edmonton Park boarded and started singing old-timey songs and handing out free passes to the museum.
15 May 02014 morning-ish
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (48/100) ...reading the article on our employee news this AM about one of our past instructors who was being recognized for placing very well in the Boston Marathon last month.
14 May 02014 morning-ish
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (47/100) ...invented a new recipe for a veggie-bomb salad at the Sunterra salad bar at lunch. #delicious
13 May 02014
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (46/100) ... Sparkle's 10th birthday! My dog is an old lady.
12 May 02014 morning-ish
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (45/100) ... 18K with a great group of runners on a sunny Sunday morning. #longslowruns #terwillegarpark
11 May 02014 at lunchtime
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (44/100) ...built a new window in the garden shed. Let there be light!
10 May 02014
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (43/100) ...finally, finally, finally swapped out both sets of winter tires. #summerchores
9 May 02014
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (42/100) ...Forty-two days of Daily Happys. Enough said. You know what I'm talking about. #42 #DNA #H2G2
8 May 02014 morning-ish
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (41/100) tempo run in weeks. And I broke a couple records on my Strava account, so that pretty much proves it, right?
7 May 02014
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (40/100) ...parenting achievement unlocked: successfully implemented a passing-grade hair-bun on a six-year-old for ballet class.
6 May 02014

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