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a sums & pieces for 18 Dec 02016
The Creativity Problem

I’m never NOT busy –at home, work, or elsewhere– but you can probably judge with a good accuracy how much of my creative reserves I’m using for some other project by the frequency and robustness of posts on this blog. The problem with creativity, whatever that is, boils down to overflow: creativity is kind of like water in a rain barrel. Over the course of time, the barrel is varyingly full. If you are in a rainy season the barrel is in constant threat of overflowing, so you are scooping water out and pouring it all over the place. When it’s drier out, you conserve. But there is that little spigot part way up that lets you attach a hose and get a nice even flow… provided you keep the water level above the height of the spigot. So, you always have the option of dipping a bucket in and pulling water out, but for the most part you use the hose and keep it nice and even. But when you need that water (which is a metaphor for creativity, wink-wink) for something important, like say, something you are being paid for, you need to make sure you keep the water level above the spigot line so that you’re never so desperate as to be scooping buckets out from deep down just to meet deadlines and obligations. It’s been a bit of a drought lately, but I have lots of people in my life who love beautiful flowers… and that’s still a metaphor, too.

Worst. Timing. Ever.

While I’m incredibly grateful at being awarded those two first place nods recently, it couldn’t have come at a worse time for my content-to-availablity ratio. As we approach the holidays, almost all my free blogging time has been devoted to working on the ninth installment my year-end New Year’s List post. That time has been, itself, insanely limited what with training for a crazy, epic race and just being mentally exhausted anyways in the evenings. I guess what I’m saying is that if you’ve come to visit thanks to the award — and I know a few of you just might be — it will get better.

blogger | life happens 

26 Jun 02013 | 2 minutes of your time

I’m in a mood where I’m thinking –at least for right now– it would be nice to forget at least one day of this blogging every day thing.

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books & reading | life happens 

23 Jun 02013 | 2 minutes of your time

Sometime soon I think I want to just sit down and read something.

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sport & fitness 

18 Jun 02013 | 2 minutes of your time

It’s partly the time, having committed myself so thoroughly to this running thing. It’s partly the guilt of going by myself when I know Claire loves it so much.

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life happens 

15 Jun 02013 | 2 minutes of your time

Every so often you get a few days like this, days when you are so busy that it all turns into a blur of lost moments.

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blogger | scatter 

24 May 02013 | 7 minutes of your time

I find myself spending a relaxing-kinda-morning in a local coffee joint, sipping on a cup of dark roast, and killing some time with a keyboard and a blank screen in front of me.

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city & culture | simple joys | work & business 

12 Jan 02012 | 4 minutes of your time

I lied. In my most recent New Years Post I asked myself the question (roughly) “What did you …

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fatherhood | writing 

18 Jun 02011 | 5 minutes of your time

Thing is, something I do quiet enjoy thinking and writing about is parenting topics. It’s a big, important part of my life these days. But I also have to fully admit that I’ve lately been ignoring something related to that job, and the ‘other duties as required’ classification that goes along with.

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abstract & thinking | pop-culture 

2 Jun 02011 | 5 minutes of your time

For the entire month of June I’m planning on writing a series of blog-a-day posts based on a …

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fatherhood | work & business | writing 

13 Nov 02007 | 3 minutes of your time

I’m not writing. After years of guilty Novembers, pursuing the banality and pure quantity of NaNoWriMo, I …

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