14 January 02017 (9 months ago)2 minutes of your time

Day: 124
Practice Logged: 80 hours + 50 minutes
Feeling: bow-crossed

Keeping with the “I got a book of easy Disney music for Christmas”, I’ve been spending my so-called extra practice time having some fun with these tunes. When I say “extra” time, it’s because usually I work through my assigned practice first, for a half an hour or so, then spend fifteen or twenty minutes on stuff that is just for fun.

The Disney stuff is good because — like the holiday-tunes book I was working through leading into Christmas — the songs are usually (a) simple and (b) familiar enough that they count more as basic practice than anything else. The running training analogy I could use is this: if my Suzuki practice is hill training or tempo runs, then Disney-songs practice is my steady run: short, laid back, not pushing too much, and just milage to solidify endurance and fitness. It’s not intended to strengthen or extend anything.

Plus it’s fun to see some payoff, however modest, from all those technically-based classical minuets and gavottes.

I still have some work to do on this one: it’s not as difficult as it sounds, except for the tempo which is pretty quick. I hit a few wrong notes trying to keep my pace, and sped up a bit in the middle, but — hey, that’s why I’m recording myself: to catch this kind of stuff.

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