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14 January 02017 (9 months ago)2 minutes of your time

Day: 124
Practice Logged: 81 hours + 30 minutes
Feeling: epic third

It’s not that I’m stuck at home, per se, but we’re having a lazy Saturday afternoon around the house and I figured I’d get some practicing in.

My instructor set me up with a bunch of exercises pushing me to start dabbling in third position. THe simplest explanation for third position on the violin is that there is “first position” where your hand naturally wants to be on the neck of the violin, but where you are limited to a certain range of notes. And then there are other positions — second through eighth or something, I can’t exactly recall at the moment, so look it up — but these move your hand a certain number of steps away from that first position home base. This allows you to reach some higher notes and do so some funky double string notes that you simply can’t from first position. But third position is a kinda intermediate technique.

I printed off this sheet music for the Skyrim theme a few months ago, but it has a bunch of higher notes (you can hear them get all scratchy in the middle of the track) that you can’t reach until — as I noticed today — you slide them up to third position.

So I wrote that into the sheet music and practiced some of my transitions and almost made this song sound half decent…. well, half decent for a beginner violinist.

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