Rowing on the Lake

Day: 131
Practice Logged: 85 hours + 25 minutes
Feeling: floating away in fog

It’s foggy today. Like, super foggy. Pea soup fog. The type of fog that had me hiding away in my basement practicing violin… until I went for a short run later… in the fog.

I thought I’d record something that I was actually supposed to be practicing this week. Two reasons for that: (1) I spent some time earlier in the week and flipped back to page one of my study music and played through everything and in the process realized that I could hear and feel some measured improvement and (2) I actually kinda like this song.

The first reason is more important tho: I listen to myself all the time. One might even say I’ve heard every second of practice that I’ve done. Kinda hard not to, y’know. So, to actually listen to what I’m doing and to feel when I finished practicing that there was a skill and confidence there that wasn’t there, say, six weeks ago, that’s cool. I mean, I know I’ve gone from zero to something in the last 131 days of learning this instrument, but that was an acknowledgement that I’ve gone from something to something slightly better.

This song (I found someone else’s recording on Youtube) is both more and less complex than it sounds. More, because it’s all about the rhythm, flow, pace, and smoothness of the song that evokes a gentle, rowing vibe, and I haven’t quite nailed that yet. Less complex, because it’s like six notes and mostly open strings. I played it a bit slower, but I only got this music assigned thirty-six hours ago, so… it is what it is!

But then that’s the point. None of these recordings are going to be spectacular. I’m not thinking these are stellar, i-d-buy-them-on-itunes quality: they are moments in time in my own learning, mostly for myself, so that when I step from something to something slightly better I’m not just trusting my memory.

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