It’s a Small World

7 January 02017 (10 months ago)a few seconds of your time

Day: 117
Practice Logged: 76 hours + 10 minutes
Feeling: dopey

…after all?

I haven’t been to Florida in almost exactly three years, but I spent the morning thinking about there. Not only were my parents due to fly out of Fort Lauderdale airport early this morning (they were diverted through Miami and are now far, far away from that chaos) but two couples from our running group were supposed to have run the DisneyWorld Half Marathon this morning as part of the Goofy & Dopey Challenges. It was cancelled, and they have been telling both sad tales of a lost race and uplifting tales of an unofficial and impromptu makeup run around the hotel area with 100s of their fellow Disney runners.

I couldn’t help but think that for my first unabashedly scratchy violin recording of the year I should pull out that new Disney songbook I got for Christmas…

…and I couldn’t help but think that my world is feeling quite small this morning.

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