Chariots of Fire

26 February 02017 (8 months ago)a few seconds of your time

Day: 167
Practice Logged: 108 hours + 30 minutes
Feeling: soundtrackish

We went out running in the bitter cold this morning and part of another year-long project I’m doing to mash up my photography with my running, I took a few hundred photos as part of a kind of stop-motion animation of part of our route.

Some software magic later I’d uploaded a one minute clip to our run club’s Facebook group, and leave it Leon, but he jokingly chided me for not including a backing audio track (probably because so many of the other videos I’ve posted have included a little royalty-free music behind them.

I pulled out my camera and violin and recorded the theme from Chariots of Fire in just one take… and uploaded the video as a response to his comment. This is the audio from that.

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