A quick note…

…to my distant girlfriend: I wandered down to Granville Island at lunch and had one of your favorite slabs of foccacia bread. Mmmm… just thought I would make you a little jealous!

Derek is now a bloggin’ fool

Derek is now a bloggin’ fool… what has the world come to? And did he get any help from his big bro? Well, a little: but I gotta be useful for something, right? Unfortunately, since perusing his site a number of times I have located a nifty little place where I was able to download a handy-dandy engine to run my nearly obsolete Ultima 7 software. This could be one of those weekends… no sleep for me, I guess, as I stumble aimlessly back into the days of my youth.

On an other-note: I have nearly finished reading Fast Food Nation. I think it will be a while before I eat fast food again – if ever.


I got a new keyboard at lunch. Horray for me! Before you panic, its an ergo-board for my office. Nothing too fancy. Just comfy.