Squeezed another project in under the deadline as the end of the day (and week) draws near.

Horoscope says: Prepare for new opportunties in the coming weeks. You will have a big chance of travel this weekend, with little time for rest. Express yourself artistically through paint, but expect to get dirty as a friendly Gemini proves mischevious.

That sounds like another quiet weekend watching tv…?

employee thoughts

Some lonely Chapters employee was thinking: I took my regular stroll through the mega-bookstore at lunch and was surprised to see a new display table proudly perched at the top of the escalators. It had always annoyed me when walking by the shelf labelled “Oprah’s Picks” as if I should care what that self-indulgent twit thinks. Now, I can ride to the summit of the magic stairs and peruse: “Anti-Oprah Picks” merrily displays everything the non-stop-talk diva would (and could?) probably have someone snuffed over. If I ever write something worthy of publication I want it put on that table. And then carve – deeply – into my headstone: run down by the shepherd – Baaaaaaaaahhh!

The countdown continues: tomorrow we fly.


Cash in your fives: a new bank note was issued today. What do we think?


…one year ago right about now I was signing my rental agreement for my Vancouver apartment. I guess that means my lease is up soon?

Life of the submerged

Life of the submerged: Five hours later the guys are here with their big blue hose and vacuum trucks draining the water from our 3rd floor suite. Donna’s office is the biggest mess: it turns out one of the doctors on the 4th floor had a water heater explode on them last night — water everywhere.

I grabbed a camera and snapped a pile of photos of the situation. Things are soggy here now, but the mess is slowing going away. Its tough to concentrate on work when there is a puddle around your feet. That, and almost everything is unplugged for fear of a short: printers, copier, half the computers including our server – down for the count.

just noticed

I just noticed that the good folks at Film-Can finally posted both of my reviews: Resident Evil and The TIme Machine. One more and I get a free t-shirt. Maybe I should write a review of Blade 2. Chris and I saw that yesterday: one word.. bloodbath. But definitely better than RE.