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I write about a lot of things. Sometimes, particularly with the sheer quantity of text I produce it may even seem like there is nothing I won’t write about. But, alas, that is not true.

I used to write about a wider variety of topics, sometimes even controversial topics. You are welcome to read about my policy on “Old Posts” and why — despite the fact that a surprising quantity of old posts stray into that arena of controversy, I neither necessarily defend those posts but neither do I take them down.

But, that said, modern posts — posts written in the second decade of this blog’s life — do tend to avoid a number of topics, and here’s why.

Topics I Avoid For Professional Reasons

… all my reviews would be glowingly positive.

1) …writing anything that seems to be an opinion, review, or commentary about City politics or City policies or the operations of City services. This is simply because all my reviews would be glowingly positive and nothing more needs to be said. Oh, and I’m employed by the local municipal government, a government that had a very liberal policy about employees having opinions and a say, but not a policy I’m interested in testing. So there’s that, too.

2) …writing or posting anything about co-workers, fellow employees or people I encounter in any sort of professional or volunteer capacity. Not only do people get annoyed when you gossip or rant about them, or just mention them in passing, but it’s a very uncool practice in general. People are people, they do people things, good and bad, and to be honest, I’ve yet to encounter someone who deserved to be called out for anything. So, I don’t. Or, I try very hard not to…

Topics I Avoid For Personal Reasons

3) …gossiping or ranting about family, friends or people I encounter in the various day-to-day aspects of my life. This is a fine line to walk, if only because if I avoided the topic of friends and family entirely I wouldn’t have a blog — or it would be me writing about… well… not much any of the topics I write about now. But, that said, I have a fairly robustly developed sniff-test (one that has evolved and changed over the years of writing) that has frequently led me to re-write or flat-out-delete content from posts. Again, people are people, they do people things, good and bad, and to be honest, I’ve yet to encounter someone who really deserved to be called out for anything.

More… coming eventually.

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