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Things NOT to Put in Your Personal Blog
aka, things you will NOT likely see on THIS BLOG in future posts:

1. Obviously, the general mish-mash collection of personal information that might lead to so kind of identity theft, etc. This includes wanton use of surnames, phone numbers, physical addresses, specific locations, or email addresses.

2. Information about travel prior to the travel event occurring. This does not include the choice to travelogue-blog, but would definitely include explaining upcoming trips with dates or locations, itineraries, etc.

3. Work-related information, specifically opinions or details that could be misconstrued as opinions, besides the general referencing of the usual sort of “a funny thing happened on the way to the office…” kind of reference that has nothing to do with work beside geographic location. Or, on occasion, when something I’ve been involved with at the office, in a way that does not construe professional opinion, personal details of those involved, or proprietary information and is a touchstone of interest to future readers; This might be something such as “my involvement with X at work has made me think about Y” …and always presented in the most favorable light possible.

4. Any sort of small-potatoes too-specific goal-setting or personal-objectives tracking kind-of-shit that only makes me look like a tool when I inevitably don’t meet those goals. This includes the typical “I’m going to do X for the month of Y” or “I really need to start Z, so this is the exact quantity of Z I did this morning.”

5. More to come…

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Brad enjoys the pseudo-randomness of pseudo-random things.

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