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This site has limited commenting, but I still welcome thoughtfully written input and feedback from my readers. All legitimate responses to posts are reviewed and may be published as a future post with a reply.

Or, if you want to suggest a poll, send me the question and your suggested answers, and I’ll try to write a post around it and solicit input.

Please note: Anything submitted through this form that is deemed to be hateful, derogatory, or otherwise unnecessarily inflammatory will be published on the wall of shame regardless of the permission granted, at the editor’s discretion and censorship (where necessary.) Be warned.

About the Author
Brad started this blog in 2001 as a collection of ‘letters home’ from Vancouver, after moving out West for a job. The blog has had many names since then, the topics have changed, and the the quality is (arguably) improved — but the author is the same old neurotic author as the first day he wrote that first post.

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