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Blogging isn’t a science. And I do worry that, like with anything else where credibility evolves from notoriety, someone will eventually ask me what the magic formula is: as in… how do I do what you do? Or, can you make me what you have? For money…

And the answer is probably going to be a very complicated sort of “ummm… no.”

Letters to the Editor

This site has limited commenting, but I still welcome thoughtfully written input and feedback from my readers. All legitimate responses to posts are reviewed and may be published as a future post with a reply. Or, if you want to suggest a poll, send...

About this Blog

Hi. My name is Brad... ...and this is little more than my personal blog to which I've been posting for lots and lots of years . (To be precise, it's been online for exactly days... so, pretty long by internet standards.) It's neither news nor journalism;...


Updated, May 2011 Starting in early 2010 I took a long break from blogging. A long break. Over a year long. Something like fourteen months long, as a matter of fact. My reasons were varied, but revolved in large part around some (a) vulnerability...

Old Posts

The statute of limitations on some of my posts has expired! Please check the date. This blog is old... Really old by internet standards. Anything older than three years may contain ideas and opinions for which such a gap of time has likely reshaped,...

Parameters of Post

Things NOT to Put in Your Personal Blog aka, things you will NOT likely see on THIS BLOG in future posts: 1. Obviously, the general mish-mash collection of personal information that might lead to so kind of identity theft, etc. This includes wanton...

Groks & the Grokzine

In early 2015 I attempted a little writing experiment: one daily essay on a mashup of two not-exactly-aligned topics. The result was twofold: a bunch of reasonable interesting essays, and me burning out in less than two months. Fast-forward to late...

Topics I Tend to Avoid

I write about a lot of things. Sometimes, particularly with the sheer quantity of text I produce it may even seem like there is nothing I won't write about. But, alas, that is not true. I used to write about a wider variety of topics, sometimes even...

Feedback for the Author

As a writer I do value constructive feedback. I've written some pieces of fiction, but published very little of it. In November 2015, I participated in NaNoWriMo, and in the span of one month cranked out a solid --but very rough draft-- of a novel...

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Complicated because it’s neither that I cannot nor that I won’t… it’s just the guts of a good blog come from (a) personal passion, (b) a lot of elbow grease, (c) never-ending tweaks and iterative changes to what you are doing, and (d) being willing to be smacked around, ignored, yelled at, and laughed at, often all at the same time, for hanging yourself out there for everyone to see. And I can’t make that for you. I can’t build that for you. I can’t re-create the conditions that will let you be successful in the way that I am just barely inching towards starting to be marginally and fractionally successful.

Like anything else: go out there with good intentions, understanding that statistically speaking you will fail a thousand times before you succeed, and try and do good things and make the internets a better place. No, really.

Want something more than that?

How meta? A collection of blog posts about blogging. I do have a thread where I write specifically about being a blogger, but I’ve also had a few things to say over the years in the way of specific insight, advice, and opinions. You could rummage through the archives to find some of those things, but I thought I’d save the effort and provide a list to make it easier for those looking

My blog posts about blogging are…

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