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Starting in June 2014 I thought it would be neat to start a long-project on this blog. One question, every day, each day of the year: but with a catch… when the next year rolled around, the questions would repeat. Over… and over… and over…

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We've been back in Edmonton a little over 10 years, but tomorrow is the ninth anniversary of moving into our house.
a sums & pieces for 7 Jun 02014
In my ideal little world, the things that make us stronger: education, exercise, friendship, clean water, fresh air, and the exchange of ideas.
a sums & pieces for 6 Jun 02014
I'd use about half of it to become a temporary venture capitalist for a couple of friends who are running small businesses. The other half I'd spend on building a really awesome photo studio.
a sums & pieces for 5 Jun 02014
My preference at the moment is for the silky smooth feel of a fine-tip gel ink pen, usually in black ink.
a sums & pieces for 4 Jun 02014

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