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Starting in June 2014 I thought it would be neat to start a long-project on this blog. One question, every day, each day of the year: but with a catch… when the next year rolled around, the questions would repeat. Over… and over… and over…

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Claire scored a custom hoodie with our running crew logo on it. She's barely taken it off since opening it.
a sums & pieces for 26 Dec 02016
We' adults would need to actually go to bed at a reasonable time on Christmas Eve, rather than staying up waaaaay past midnight drinking and playing board games.
a sums & pieces for 24 Dec 02016
a.k.a. When do I get off work today. When the boss says go home. Uh, so like ... five minutes ago!
a sums & pieces for 23 Dec 02016
I think the honour of most overplayed song this year is Wham! "Last Christmas" ... I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away... uh, keep it.
a sums & pieces for 22 Dec 02016
This winter I'm going to hope that I can give that title to my super-grippy running shoes. Though if I actually didn't need them because the streets are clear that would be ok, too.
a sums & pieces for 21 Dec 02016
Frozen. Bleak. Dark.
a sums & pieces for 20 Dec 02016
Probably shoveling. Yeah, shoveling snow is so awesome. It's the best. You should come over next time it snows. I'll let you try it. Just don't tell anyone else how awesome it is.
a sums & pieces for 19 Dec 02016
...some improved time management skills.
a sums & pieces for 18 Dec 02016
Writing, I think, is a desire to articulate this abstraction we call life into something that can be shared. If you don't know how to interpret the abstraction or don't care to share it, then there's nothing left to be taught.
a sums & pieces for 17 Dec 02016
Not vouching for the taste... bacon, ginger, and caramel.
a sums & pieces for 16 Dec 02016
I usually just text these days, but I'm even really terrible at that lately. I'm playing the reclusive fool this December.
a sums & pieces for 15 Dec 02016

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