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# If I survive the glut and temptation of chocolate and candy this weekend, I should be good for another couple weeks (at least) of healthy eating, right?
3 Apr 02015
# April Every Day Status: A five klick holiday morning run through some still-icy trails, overdressed because it looked chilly, and still tired from 1 & 2.
3 Apr 02015 morning-ish
# Holidays are great for catching up: my March 5-second video is officially in the can.
3 Apr 02015 morning-ish
# Bit the bullet and bought a stationary spin bike for my cross-training. I'm too lazy to got to the gym, but the basement is only a few steps away. And it has a TV.
3 Apr 02015 morning-ish
# Part of me feels like its my professional duty to be baseline proficient in social media. Thus, my recent experimenting with Instagram.
31 Mar 02015 morning-ish
# Did I mention that I'm officially registered for the Edmonton Police Half Marathon in April? That will make four in 2015.
18 Mar 02015 morning-ish
# As far as I know, I'm only one quarter Irish... so adjust your kisses accordingly.
17 Mar 02015 morning-ish
# At the tone, the time will be 3-14-15 9:26:53... That is all. Carry on.
14 Mar 02015 morning-ish
# One guess who was up at quarter after five this morning ...and it wasn't the guy running the half marathon in a couple hours.
22 Feb 02015 too early to be up
# I know it's called the HYPO Half Marathon, but seeing -15C as a temperature right now is a little disheartening.
22 Feb 02015 too early to be up
# visions of my future? coworker tells “horror” story of coping with t’nage daughter on commute this am #4letterwords #ifnh8u #lessthancute
10 Feb 02015 morning-ish
# I will admit that all this snow makes the prospect of a 20k run on Sunday a LOT daunting. #demotivation
6 Feb 02015
"Dad, my life is so busy, I barely have time to watch TV."
... Claire, after finishing piano, reading, homework and realizing it was nearly bedtime.
# Is it sad that I am so #cravingrunning a nice eight or ten klicks right now?
4 Feb 02015
# Achievement Unlocked: "The Talk" - Where Do Babies Come From, Dad? ... #birds #bees
29 Jan 02015
# So, is it just a habit or publicly accountable obligation? Sometimes I wonder why I torture myself this way...
29 Jan 02015
# More bad luck. Slipped on the ice carrying luggage into the house after vacation. Back injury? Again. Thank goodness for #Robaxacet! But, damn!
26 Jan 02015 morning-ish
# School Fundraiser: A day at the @Official_WEM Waterpark. Awesome fun, but very strange swimming with 700 people we kinda know...
26 Jan 02015 morning-ish
# Another great show @citadeltheatre last night: Venus in Fur. Not for the kids, but lotsa grownup fun for an evening out.
26 Jan 02015 morning-ish
# Booyah! Apparently while on vacation the odometer on my (not so) new camera rolled over to 10,000 pics.
23 Jan 02015
# Pardon me for bragging, but I passed the ONE YEAR of daily practice mark on Duolingo this morning.
23 Jan 02015 morning-ish
# All I can do now is hydrate.
15 Jan 02015
# Just because you shout the loudest, doesn't make you right.
14 Jan 02015 morning-ish

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