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# I choose to interpret her placement in the split grade 3/4 class as an endorsement by the administration of my daughter's ability to work independently in the assumed context of the teacher's divided attention.
8 Sep 02015 morning-ish
# I was thinking about how to top my reading project next year in 2016. Solution: the great re-read adventure. Revisiting 25 books and seeing what I think of them 5, 10 or many more years later.
7 Sep 02015
# Grade Three starts in the morning. Her pencil case is stuffed and backpack is brimming. Why am I nervous?
7 Sep 02015
# I bought a GoPro harness for the dog. She tolerates it. But it makes for an awesome dogs-eye perspective for videos. I think we'll be going to the park for a bit this weekend.
4 Sep 02015 morning-ish
# We go away for a couple weeks and a pair of bunnies and a bunch of wasps move into the backyard. Sheesh!
22 Aug 02015 at lunchtime
# I ran four laps around the park last night, amounting to roughly five klicks, which turned out feeling pretty good. #recovery
7 Aug 02015 at lunchtime
# I'm still undecided about one thing in the upcoming election: should I mark my ballot with a check-mark or an X?
5 Aug 02015 morning-ish
# This morning's coffee is brought to you by the letter L and the lazy effort to mix up all the little bags of ground coffee with not enough left to make a full pot. Hashtag: #bottomofthebagblend
2 Aug 02015 morning-ish
# I (cruelly?) reminded Claire that with the arrival of August, her summer vacation was effectively half over. She shrugged. I guess that's like a century in kid-time.
2 Aug 02015 morning-ish
# According to Canada Post I should expect a parcel containing Exploding Kittens to arrive at my house no later than Wednesday. If that thought alarms you, Google it.
2 Aug 02015 morning-ish
# The Twenty-First Century Child's Rebellion: Find the most annoying show available on Netflix and then binge-watch it on a Sunday morning while their parents are trying to sleep in.
2 Aug 02015 morning-ish
# Baylee the Bee, selling a small but steady number of copies, is now available on iBooks for iPhone, too. Check out the link in the sidebar.
27 Jul 02015 at lunchtime
# ...and of course it's raining. Here I was worried about it being too hot for the race!
1 Jul 02015 too early to be up
# It's that time of year again. 15 klicks to run at seven tomorrow morning! Canada Day Road Race!
30 Jun 02015
# Something interesting happened last week: At some point on my Wednesday run I hit the halfway point of my annual running goal... not quite half way through the year. Cool!
15 Jun 02015 morning-ish
# It's our House-iversary. We moved in ten years ago today. I think this might be the longest I've lived anywhere, actually...
8 Jun 02015
# Don't Panic... It's just towel day.
25 May 02015 morning-ish
# On the yardstick of political ideology we’ve moved maybe as much as an inch. On the yardstick of ...
7 May 02015
# I've been working (and reinventing an old idea I had) on a weird sort of running slash fiction slash philosophical essay for a few weeks. I'm going to start posting them later today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. Stay tuned.
7 May 02015 at lunchtime
# Now that the election is over, I think it may be time for a few days of social media detox. I'll be doing some blog writing, but I'm off Facebook and Twitter for the weekend.
7 May 02015 morning-ish
# I know no one is counting but me, but just for posterity and tracking: my Duolingo practice streak now stands at 466 consecutive days.
4 May 02015 morning-ish
# Who's fourteen today? This blog, that's who!
20 Apr 02015 morning-ish
# Plan: Commence the alternating Friday post-work run home as of this Friday. Eighteen klicks of commuter joydom.
14 Apr 02015

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