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# #justupdated #wordpress to 3.7 & it adds advanced date queries! methinks that could be fun. #creativejuices now flowing.
25 Oct 02013 morning-ish
# Due 2 blunt force trauma we were forced to replace our point&shoot camera. New: Canon 330HS with #WiFiFun + #CoolFeatures = #CantWaitToPlay
24 Oct 02013 morning-ish
# Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to spend money at the school book fair I go... #proliteracy
23 Oct 02013
# I'm not sure what I enjoy more these days: the running, or the part where we all sit in the cafe afterwards and have #coffee.
22 Oct 02013
# Coffee Break Indulgence: Cheap Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Second Cup. Yum.
22 Oct 02013
# It's election night and I'm a couch-potato political-junkie. Three screens. And wondering who's going to be shaping the nuances of my life for the next four years as both a resident of this awesome city and an employee of the same. And that's all I'm going to write about that.
21 Oct 02013
# Remember to vote today. That is all.
21 Oct 02013 at lunchtime
# Split an 650mL bottle of R&B Brewing Co. Raven Cream Ale with Karin over dinner. Nice hearty dark beer with a slightly sharp edge that paired almost perfect with the homemade turkey soup we ate.
19 Oct 02013
"How does it feel now that your six year old can play the piano better than you?"
... Karin, shortly after Claire corrected my playing of her weekly piano homework.
"Your cookies are rewriting the fundamental laws of the universe."
... Cookie Clicker
# You may need to force a refresh of this page if things look a little wonky. Lots of CSS changes mean hitting shift+reload=good.
18 Oct 02013
# Yes, I'm going to go a little crazy with the new post styles for a few days. It's like a new toy. Or, four of them. Get over it. Besides, if you commented more I might let you have a say! You don't.
18 Oct 02013
# Apparently if you write a post with the word "Skyrim" in it you'll get some traffic. One post and over 1500 hits in two weeks without trying ... I'm so in the wrong business.
18 Oct 02013 at lunchtime
"ok dad dont be silly"
... Claire, via a Google Hangout while I was riding the train this morning.
# With a mere twelve weeks until the epic Disney World race series begins, my training officially needs to kick into full gear. And after a great evening 10k run, I'm actually feeling pretty good about that. Strong. Fast. Reasonably prepared.
17 Oct 02013
# Claire was at the dentist this afternoon! Cavity. Baby tooth. But the freezing is just coming out. Guess who's NOT a happy camper right now.
17 Oct 02013

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