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# Reality is not an emotional state. Facts don't care if you like them. Objective truth persists even after you stop defending it.
7 Feb 02017
# If someone trains their body, practices daily physical exercise, learns muscular control and athletic skill to the point of being the best, we put a gold medal around their neck on TV. If someone trains their mind, practices daily rational thought, acquires knowledge and technical skills to the point of being the best, we go online to call them elitist and tell them to keep their opinions to themselves.
6 Feb 02017
# Just going to throw this out there: Dear weather, you can warm up a bit now. Minus twenty was funny for a few days, but really? Sincerely, my toes.
13 Dec 02016 at lunchtime
# Having planned (promised?) to post a video of some kind after every 24 hours of accumulated violin practice, and having hit 48 hours last night, I realize I probably need to do some recording tonight.
29 Nov 02016 morning-ish
# Noticing that Civilization VI was recently released reminded me that I hadn't really played enough Civilization V to appreciate that fact. I spent some time fixing that last night.
29 Nov 02016 morning-ish
# I'm excited too, but the day-by-day countdown to NYC Marathon on their Facebook feed is really giving me the jitters.
18 Oct 02016 morning-ish
# Obviously I have some catchup blogging to do, y'know, following a two week vacation. #unplugged #nocomputer
8 Mar 02016 morning-ish
# Of course the probability of being picked is extremely low, but I thought it worth noting that I'm officially entered in the draw for the 2016 NYC Marathon. Fingers crossed?
21 Jan 02016
# How not to start the new year? How about with a head cold on the long weekend. #norunningtoday
3 Jan 02016 at lunchtime
# Of course, mother nature, you're going to make those last 40 klicks towards my annual goal cold, windy and very challenging, aren't you?
16 Dec 02015 morning-ish
# It snowed all night. Despite the 4x4 in my garage, it's the kind of morning when I'm glad I have a bus pass and the option not to drive some days.
24 Nov 02015 morning-ish
"If you need an idea for Christmas, dad, you guys could just buy me my own computer. I'd be happy with a small one."
... Claire, because apparently she neeeeeeeds one.
# Apparently I can climb up and down 27 flights of hotel stairs in about six minutes. #UnitedWay #Fundraising
19 Nov 02015 at lunchtime
# After much, much, much writing... the goal is now two thirds complete for NaNoWriMo 2015. The story? It's gonna be longer than fifty thousand words, I think.
17 Nov 02015
# Another successful evening of wordcraft means I'm halfway to my target NaNoWriMo word count. Oddly, I'm not sure if I'm half done my story yet.
12 Nov 02015
# Six hundred and fifty consecutive days on #duolingo. You would think I'd have cet écrit en français, non?
4 Nov 02015 at lunchtime
# Democracy in action? Someone stole the election sign off my front lawn today.
19 Oct 02015
# It may have just been the sunrise but there was a reddish-orange glow on the eastern horizon this morning.
19 Oct 02015 morning-ish
# So that was weird. We just passed a Back to the Future Delorean while driving Highway 2, Mr. Fusion and all...
28 Sep 02015
# After eight decades, apparently the Happy Birthday song is now in the public domain. It's only a coincidence that this happened on Claire's birthday. Really.
22 Sep 02015
# I think the worst part of modern politics is not that we all have different perspectives, opinions and that we often disagree, but that those who challenge popular opinions are too often treated like traitors or turncoats.
22 Sep 02015 at lunchtime
# I think the name "Disney Infinity" really refers to the cost. We gave Claire the latest edition of the game for her birthday along with some of the add-on packs. It almost feels like Disney now officially owns my soul.
22 Sep 02015 at lunchtime
"I'm proud to say I didn't die on the toilet but I did club Chris to death while he was taking a shower."
... Mr. Big Red, describing playing "The Ship." Via an email I recieved this morning.

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