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Shortly after my daughter was born, I registered for a clinic to learn how to run. I’m not fast, but I’ve run about 8,500 klicks in the last nine years… and written a whole lot more words about it.

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7 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

…. at one point I wrote a lot more about running.

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Running. (revved back up in 2017!) Bowing. (some beautiful music!) Cooking. (in a new kitchen!)
a sums & pieces for 27 Dec 02016
Claire scored a custom hoodie with our running crew logo on it. She's barely taken it off since opening it.
a sums & pieces for 26 Dec 02016


22 Dec 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

It’s that time of year again.

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This winter I'm going to hope that I can give that title to my super-grippy running shoes. Though if I actually didn't need them because the streets are clear that would be ok, too.
a sums & pieces for 21 Dec 02016


6 Dec 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

You put your heart into something like a marathon whether you intend to or not.

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(Not) Running With Ron
11 km
(Not) Running With Ron
4 Dec 02016
...there were a lot of clever options for names for a run like this morning.
Part of me says a Triathlon, but everyone I know who's gone over hasn't come back. They're all hooked. And bikes are expensive.
a sums & pieces for 3 Dec 02016
There's a selfie you've probably seen of me chomping on my finisher medal a few seconds after finishing the NYC Marathon in Central Park. That one.
a sums & pieces for 30 Nov 02016
Running Update

I’ll be taking a few days off. My body has finally given up: I pushed myself a little too far while doing some of the renovation work over the weekend and despite running a full and a half marathon, travelling to both ends of the continent, fighting off numerous proto-infections that threatened to derail everything, and doing dozens of hours of manual labour over the last two weeks while never taking a single minute more off of work, that part where I reached above the stove to adjust some venting was the metaphorical straw that broke… well, actually MY back. I’ve been sidelined and I think it’s my cue to take some down time for a couple weeks. When I can actually walk again without slouching in subtle pain, maybe I’ll do some short, slow runs, but until then…

28 Nov 02016 | asides & shorts | running
Race Recap: NYC Marathon
Race Recap: NYC Marathon
21 Nov 02016
It was an amazing experience, of course. Would I do it again? If I didn't have to run the race, sure.

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