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For everything else that is not exactly my sport of choice, running: this. But don’t look for deep analysis of professional sports or commentary on the local hockey team. Actually, given my disposition towards those things, I’m amazed I’ve even got a category like this…

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5 Sep 02017 | 8 minutes of your time

In August 2017 after months of prep we found ourselves at the trail head of the mostly famous Berg Lake trail.

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Part of me says a Triathlon, but everyone I know who's gone over hasn't come back. They're all hooked. And bikes are expensive.
a sums & pieces for 3 Dec 02016

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15 Aug 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

And I had this thought in my head that she’d push through it all, no matter the pain or whatever.

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13 Dec 02015 | a few seconds of your time

We were granted a few hours worth of falling snow this morning.

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Welcoming back some snow sports; Running through the snow, skiing in the park, and sledding with the girl...
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27 Jul 02015 | 3 minutes of your time

Some simple mental reprogramming that can go a long way…

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Stationary Cycle, Day 3

Ok, so we’ve had the bike for nearly a week, but I’ve only clocked about an hour of riding… or twenty-five klicks according to the on-board computer. I do realize now, however, why I never found much success on a treadmill (waaaaay back when we had one.) Last night I cycled for sixteen minutes. During that time I read a chapter in my book and finished a lesson in Duolingo on my phone (which is harder than you might think while trying to maintain a spin pace!) But sixteen minutes felt like forever. For. Ev. Er. I can run for hours, but a few minutes on the bike is mentally draining. I’ll keep at it, but it’s going to take some mental adjustment.

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6 Apr 02015 | 3 minutes of your time

I run because I can wedge it into my chaotic lifestyle and hectic schedule.

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# Bit the bullet and bought a stationary spin bike for my cross-training. I'm too lazy to got to the gym, but the basement is only a few steps away. And it has a TV.
3 Apr 02015 morning-ish
# People who walk on cross-country ski trails... you just made the list.
11 Jan 02015

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