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It snows. It rains. The sun shines. The wind blows. Sometimes I mention it. Oh, did I say “sometimes?”

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Not Contrary At All

It is supposed to be thirty degrees today. If you’re reading this from the US, I should note that I’m getting pretty tired of writing Celsius on the end of my temperatures so as not to confuse you further, so I’m officially phasing out my unit conversion service, trimming back the excess overgrowth and organic creep, just like I did in my flowerbed for and hour and a half last night. On hands and knees I clipped a good five centimeters of overreaching lawn from the edging around my tulip farm. With this and the other winter dead fall I filled nearly an entire composting bag… from one flower bed. It looks darn good, even though it has yet to fully emerge for the season, but it makes me realize just how much yardwork I have to do in the coming weeks to catch up. Can you believe we had ten centimeters of snow less than two weeks ago?

Slush Run
10 km
Slush Run
20 Feb 02017
We had accumulated a couple centimeters of fresh, wet snow overnight.
This winter I'm going to hope that I can give that title to my super-grippy running shoes. Though if I actually didn't need them because the streets are clear that would be ok, too.
a sums & pieces for 21 Dec 02016
Frozen. Bleak. Dark.
a sums & pieces for 20 Dec 02016
Probably shoveling. Yeah, shoveling snow is so awesome. It's the best. You should come over next time it snows. I'll let you try it. Just don't tell anyone else how awesome it is.
a sums & pieces for 19 Dec 02016

food & drink | weather 

16 Dec 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

And Claire actually ate most of her serving… despite the beans.

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# Just going to throw this out there: Dear weather, you can warm up a bit now. Minus twenty was funny for a few days, but really? Sincerely, my toes.
13 Dec 02016 at lunchtime
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

December 10 What do we do when the weather turns REALLY FREAKING COLD? We hide in the house, stay in our pajamas until well after noon, play a lot of video games, do a few chores, poke at some of the leftover renovation tasks, paint a bit, read a bit, work on a jigsaw puzzle while we listen to the radio and drink hot coffee, and then curl up on the couch and fall asleep watching holiday movies. The thermometer dropped into the nearly minus thirty range, and the windchill made it essentially unbearable to even step outside to grab the newspaper. Tomorrow is supposed to be even worse: it makes me glad that I’m no longer training for a race… I might just sleep in.

10 Dec 02016 | asides & shorts | weather
Thunderstruck (and Hills)
10.8 km
Thunderstruck (and Hills)
22 Jun 02016
I haven't run serious hill training in months.

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