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A guy needs a place to think. Sometimes aloud. Sometimes in rambling, unfocused blog posts that make you question his sanity. This is usually where posts like that end up. Caution… meandering inquisitive blog posts ahead.

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abstract & thinking | musician | running 

8 Feb 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

I frequently seek some balance and clarity in various thought-out methods of my own.

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abstract & thinking | holidays & gatherings | scatter 

12 Dec 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

It’s that time of year when you set new goals, start big-ass projects that span the three-six-five cycle.

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Fitful: active or occurring spasmodically or intermittently; not regular or steady.
a sums & pieces for 9 Dec 02016
Lately I feel a bit like a magpie: a cautious outsider.
a sums & pieces for 8 Dec 02016
Knowing that your best skill is just knowing who is smarter, faster, or stronger than you... and convincing them of what needs to be be done.
a sums & pieces for 4 Dec 02016
I think people want to be truly selfless and that probably matters more than if they really are.
a sums & pieces for 2 Dec 02016

abstract & thinking | driving 

2 Dec 02016 | 6 minutes of your time

Let’s, for sake of clarity, say you’re driving a newer model black pickup truck.

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Finding a span of time longer than fifteen minutes when some aspect of my life ISN'T in massive change, transition, overhaul or otherwise frustration-inducing upheaval.
a sums & pieces for 23 Nov 02016
Elon Musk told me so.
a sums & pieces for 18 Oct 02016
Regret is that weird combination of doing something stupid and simultaneously failing to learn anything from it.
a sums & pieces for 17 Oct 02016
My right brain has been subconsciously exerting some influence on my colour choices lately, and I suddenly find my life very full of oranges and reds and greens.
a sums & pieces for 5 Oct 02016

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