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Some people spend their money on stuff. We save our cash and we spend it on travel. We travel, no not to excess or an extraordinary amount, but consistently and as often as we can find the time. And usually I log those travels in various ways here on this blog. What we’ve done, where we’ve been, and what we’ve seen… it all lands here in some form or another.

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5 Sep 02017 | 8 minutes of your time

In August 2017 after months of prep we found ourselves at the trail head of the mostly famous Berg Lake trail.

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28 Aug 02017 | 2 minutes of your time

Alas, Vulk has spent the bulk of his time in the last year in a drawer, waiting for some travel-based inspiration.

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Two Week Bowless

I was a little worried. We’ve been on vacation for about two weeks and (obviously) I was not bringing along my violin. Someday, maybe, when the purpose of travel is a little more musical or when we go to some European villa and I can sit on the veranda playing, but for a hurried pair of trips through two major US cities… no. I packed up my violin in its case the evening we left for New York and there is stayed until I pulled it out last night. And, I was a little worried. Worried that all my practicing would be for nothing. Worried that I would be like a noob beginner again. Worried that it would be more scratching than music. But no. My fingers remembered where they were supposed to touch the strings and my arm remembered how to move the bow, and if anything using my legs to run marathons gave my digits the rest they needed to make some very lovely sounding practice in the basement as life spins back to regularly scheduled programming.

Super Tuesday

It’s Tuesday morning at 8 am and I’m sitting in a cafe near my house drinking coffee and pondering what I can write in this blog. Why I can’t think of anything to write lately is one matter completely, but why I’m sitting in a cafe when logic would otherwise dictate I should be working is another. Turns out: I have the day off. Karin is traveling for work. And Claire is on spring break but I couldn’t have pried her away from the daycare fun and activities with anything short of a crowbar. So, I’m free. It’s Tuesday, and I have a single day –eight uninterrupted hours– to myself. It’s Super Tuesday… for me at least. And I’ve got a list to get through at least a page long.

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