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Vehicle upgraded, I’m assuming that we’re going to use it for a few more adventures. I don’t think I’ll write too much about driving, but having moved to a vehicle intended for adventure, something tells me I’ll have something to say.

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abstract & thinking | driving 

2 Dec 02016 | 6 minutes of your time

Let’s, for sake of clarity, say you’re driving a newer model black pickup truck.

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8 Jun 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

Karin keeps thinking everything is going to blow out.

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driving | home & garden 

7 Apr 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

I’ve been meaning to drywall the garage for years…

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driving | money & spending 

21 Dec 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

I’ve been cranking the seat heater on those chilly rides home from running.

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First Day of Snow

As much as I was a little sad to see the snow, the upside was that it was my first official winter driving experience in the truck. I ended up the day by putting on a little over 60km around the city –commuting, picking up Claire, running some evening errands– all on some moderately sloppy streets. It’s dangerous out there, and I don’t want to be too cavalier about that danger, yet it was a modest comfort to be able to try out the 4×4 on the snow-and-iced suburban trails and have that comfortable feeling of near-guaranteed acceleration at an intersection, or the confidence to keep a safe speed on the freeway in thick traffic. I saw enough vehicles in ditches, and at least one truck wrapped around a light standard, so I know that confidence can get away from some folks. But some of that lingering uncertainty I had about the truck dealing with the winter is slowly melting away.

23 Nov 02015 | asides & shorts | driving

driving | gamer 

29 Oct 02015 | 6 minutes of your time

Mindless, mud-filled, chaotic therapy.

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A little black truck, as per usual these days.
a sums & pieces for 27 Oct 02015
Fuelly Logging

Tracking personal gas mileage is an odd sort of thing. It’s like, here… write down how much money you spent on fuel over the life of your vehicle because, y’know, there’s sooooo much you can do about that by having a log of it. At the same time it is an interesting (academically speaking and from a personal accounting perspective) exercise to do. When I was growing up and started driving the family truck, dad used to make sure we methodically recorded mileage in a little coil notebook he stored in the console (along with with a pen so you had no excuse, dammit!) And I always had the impression that I would have got in more trouble for forgetting to record a fuel-up log than, say, smashing the truck into a brick wall. It was serious business, tracking the truck mileage. It rubbed off, though: I’ve been tracking my mileage, too, but I’ve been using a little app instead of a coil notebook. Buzz marketing time: there is a website called fuelly.com that I was remiss to recommend because (while the site was good) the iOS app royally sucked… until yesterday when they released a new version that seems to be pretty awesome. If you have a recently new vehicle (and I know many readers of this blog do, oddly) it’s pretty much the nerdiest thing you can do with it… but no worse than making a spreadsheet of all your running data.

Don’t Call Me A Techie

It took me three weeks but I finally figured out how to program the garage door opener that is built into the truck. It involved pressing the correct three buttons for the exact set amount of time, holding the existing remote the exact right distance and orientation from the truck buttons, and muttering an incantation of some kind… or maybe that was just me cursing under my breath. It seems like a minor victory, yes, but now at least one of those fancy buttons on my console does something besides turning on the radio.


29 Jul 02015 | 5 minutes of your time

…because no one really considered me a “truck person.”

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