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Defined, science is a method of rigorous thought where one suspends judgment, systematically questions, and thinks critically about new ideas before accepting them as explanations. In science there are no real truths, just “likely and probable theories” to explain the universe and everything inside of it. I still have a science degree, though I barely use it anymore for anything professional: I used to have a blog devoted strictly to that. Now, it’s a category here. [RSS]

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14 Aug 02017 | 2 minutes of your time

…though our first round will probably result in some mixed results.

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Longest Night

December 22, because it’s the longest night… and apparently also the longest day of the year? Sure, here in the northern hemisphere we’re currently experiencing our day with the fewest hours of sunlight, which at my latitude means the sun rose this morning at 8:49am and will set at 4:16pm, making for just 7 hours and 27 minutes of daylight today. But did you know that –due to fun things like orbital mechanics and how the Earth is actually physically moving through space around the sun– what we call a “day” on Earth actually varies. Our clocks might tick off exactly 24:00:00, but the universe is a little trickier. Our planet, a big ball of rocks spinning and moving around a big ball of nuclear fusion, doesn’t count time quite as accurately. Instead, it shifts a bit. This, from how I understand it, is called the “apparent solar day” which varies by as much as a minute over the course of a year: sometimes we get less than 24 hours, and sometimes more. It all averages out, but today, December 22, is (or according to the net) the longest of those apparent solar days, coming in at 24 hours & 29.9 seconds.

22 Dec 02015 | asides & shorts | scientist

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5 Oct 02015 | 5 minutes of your time

I couldn’t have been a prouder nerd-dad than watching my eight-year-old first building a handful of the projects…

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1 Oct 02015 | 5 minutes of your time

On the complexities of reconciling religious comfort foods with a healthy dose of scientific inquiry.

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24 Sep 02015 | 2 minutes of your time

So, an alien walks into a museum in Toronto and asks to see the dinosaurs…

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2 Sep 02015 | 3 minutes of your time

It’s every survival story you’ve ever heard or read, smeared out on the surface of the red planet.

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# Is it strange that I just had a thirty minute conversation with an eight year old about quantum physics and the multiverse hypothesis... using illustrations. #nerdfamily #curiouskid
19 Apr 02015 morning-ish

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4 Feb 02015 | a few seconds of your time

A mobile photo post…

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1 Feb 02015 | 1 minute of your time

In the mid-nineteen-nineties, popular culture was rife with scientists dabbling in genetic science on humans and animals.

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