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With a kid in school, and a dad who respects life-long learning, there are bound to be a growing collection of posts that have something to do with that whole education thing.

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27 Feb 02017 | 2 minutes of your time

Eleven-twenty-three. Also my birthday. November twenty-third. It seemed like as good a place as any.

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That my fingers are not nearly as flexible as, say, a six year old who is trying to learn the violin.
a sums & pieces for 29 Sep 02016

fatherhood | school & study 

29 Jun 02016 | a few seconds of your time

They don’t hand out great marks to every kid, do they?

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3 Jun 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

Around the seven hundred and fifty days mark I bought myself a little reward…

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7 Apr 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

My Kindle wish-list is now bursting at the seams with books I’d never heard of.

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Things fitting in the overlap space of a Venn diagram where one circle says "things I like doing" and the other circle says "things that make me a better person."
a sums & pieces for 24 Mar 02016
Being the father of an eight-year-old who got (almost) straight As on her report card.
a sums & pieces for 19 Mar 02016
Chrome-ish Book

So, following my little revelatory glimpse into Claire’s desire for her own computer yesterday on this blog, Matt emailed me with some ideas to solve it: and there was no need to actually spend money to make it happen. (Well, I spent six bucks on a memory stick, but besides that…) The end result was that I tinkered away all yesterday evening converting an old laptop –formerly running a broken instance of Vista that never worked well even off the shelf and a dual-boot copy of Ubuntu which was a little too complex for Claire’s needs– and instead repurposing the machine to use Chromium OS. Her class uses Chromebooks at school, and for our purposes this clunky old machine –that used to take ten minutes to boot, had seen better days, and was bound for the Ecostation– may have just found new life as a zippy little lightweight sorta-Chromebook. It’s fast… damn fast. Faster than that machine has ever run anything. And for as much power as that little OS needs, it runs all the little tools that will serve the girl well for school for at least a couple more years. To her chagrin, it doesn’t handle Minecraft. But they don’t teach that yet… at least not in her classroom.

Pondering the age of nineteen and --likely-- cramming for a biochemistry exam at college.
a sums & pieces for 14 Nov 02015

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