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There is something about that click — taking a picture — that is immensely satisfying to me. It is an addiction that now spans more than half my life & hundreds of thousands of images.

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7 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

If you know me, you’ve probably seen me wandering around with a camera in my hand at some point or another.

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We're planning on doing a photobooth at our New Years gathering, so I'm hoping to redeem my December photography just before midnight.
a sums & pieces for 30 Dec 02016
There's a selfie you've probably seen of me chomping on my finisher medal a few seconds after finishing the NYC Marathon in Central Park. That one.
a sums & pieces for 30 Nov 02016
Red anthocyanin.
a sums & pieces for 7 Oct 02016
I'd have to say one of the shots that was published in my full page spread in the Red Deer paper of the recent Terry Fox Run.
a sums & pieces for 30 Sep 02016
5 Types of Photos You Should Try While You’re 40ish


7 Sep 02016 | 5 minutes of your time

I think my 40s will be a time of photographic infolding where I stop pestering myself to be some kind of technical wizard.

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5 Hobbies That Were Lame at 30, But Define Me at 40ish

art & code | photography 

6 Sep 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

…we are doing our own things in an effort to be more genuine people in this short life.

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