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Folks who know me probably don’t consider me much of an instrumentalist, but I can read music, play the saxophone and, as of 2016, I’m starting to learn the violin.

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3 Oct 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

I’ve worked my way up to the lower basecamp of Mount Violin…

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That my fingers are not nearly as flexible as, say, a six year old who is trying to learn the violin.
a sums & pieces for 29 Sep 02016


23 Sep 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

Enough to learn to play a few rudimentary songs…

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The Difference

Miss C, needing to practice for twenty! whole! minutes! on her piano, is off on her own tickling the keys for variable-minute segments of quasi-quality practice from inside the office where the piano now lives. These short stints of focused repetition of her music is punctuated by a short pause, wherein she traipses out to the living room to ask, “has it been twenty minutes yet?” This is followed by a sigh and a grumbling return to the keyboard when it is revealed that, no, it’s only been eleven minutes, go finish your practice! On the other hand, her father picks up his (still newish and novel) violin and retreats to the basement. There he opens a computer, his phone, and two music books onto various surfaces. Violin propped to his shoulder he promptly loses track of the time for nearly two hours as he tries to get some random music he downloaded from the internet to sound vaguely how it should actually sound. There is something to be said for impassioned curiosity to succeed, I guess.

If only because it has a haunting violin part, I've been listening to Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling quite too much.
a sums & pieces for 18 Sep 02016


16 Sep 02016 | 3 minutes of your time

The thing I discovered about my first thirty minutes of structured instruction…

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Finger Strong

You’ll need to excuse me for a few weeks while I get the new-giddy-excitement of starting a new instrument out of my system. I should really be writing about the New York Marathon in less than seven weeks –and I will– but I’ve now officially distracted myself with an expensive piece of wood and string. Less than twenty-four hours later I realize that my first big challenge isn’t going to be reading music (which I can do) or finding notes (which is going to be tough, but mentally) but instead manipulating my 40-year-old digits into new and convoluted positions. I picked up a grip & hand exercising gadget at lunch, so with a mouse in one hand and my Grip Master TM in my other, hopefully I’ll speed up my ability to actually manipulate my fingers across the strings.

14 Sep 02016 | asides & shorts | musician

musician | running 

10 Sep 02016 | 5 minutes of your time

…it seemed like something I would never even try because of the perceived cost of time, money, and energy.

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8 Aug 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

It was about then when the drummer, arms in the air, began nudging the crowd into action as he started a rhythmic clap.

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7 Jul 02007 | a few seconds of your time

While painting the nursery, I packed up the saxophone into it’s case and stuck it in a corner …

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