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For most of my life I’ve defined myself as a gamer. But while I don’t have countless hours to devote to gaming anymore, I still play my fair share and have something to say about it.

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Zelda: Still Lost in Hyrule

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28 Mar 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

This is my new favorite game.

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One Week in Hyrule


12 Mar 02017 | 5 minutes of your time

This is the best damn game you’ll ever play, probably, because it will suck in your soul and consume every waking and dreaming thought.

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Zelda Primed


17 Feb 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

I’m sure I’ll have some old-guy-gamer thoughts on it in a month or two.

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Switching Things Up

We’ve had a bit of a trial-by-frustration in the video game console department lately. A few months ago our Wii broke. Well, the optical disc broke. And since we have a nice little stack of games for it we decided to upgrade with a Wii U console so that we could play our games again… because it was backwards compatible. But then, apparently, Wii U has been discontinued and even tho I spent hours surfing online stores and cruising electronics stores, I wasn’t able to find a Wii U for sale. So, instead, I ordered a refurbished Wii (the original one) from eBay. Which arrived, and it it kinda works, but it’s old and Nintendo has always been locked down so now basically we have two Wiis hooked up: one to play stuff we downloaded and one to play discs. I’d given up on anything newer because when I went to check out the Switch it had sold out online in about twenty seconds and pre-orders were neigh-impossible to find in real life… and I’ve never been much of an early adopter anyhow. Except… by some odd confluence of chance and opportunity I found myself in a line up one morning while out on my coffee break –queued up in front of a we’re-not-doing-the-early-thing late-opening store in the downtown core– a few hours after writing this post about giving up on next gen consoles. Twenty minutes later I had a receipt in my wallet for a pre-order on a new Switch console. So, that happened. And of course Claire is giddy with anticipation. So… did anyone else jump into the latest Nintendo fray? Or am I the only sucker out there?

21 Jan 02017 | asides & shorts | gamer


13 Jan 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

Claire considers the purchase a power move by an awesome dad.

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We' adults would need to actually go to bed at a reasonable time on Christmas Eve, rather than staying up waaaaay past midnight drinking and playing board games.
a sums & pieces for 24 Dec 02016
Would You Like to Install Remotely?


23 Dec 02016 | 6 minutes of your time

…the 8-bit sound and 16 colour graphics would chirp and flicker in to existence on the screen and gaming would commence.

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Playing: Factorio


18 Dec 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

Think SimCity meets Minecraft.

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With the brutal cold weather in December that's a long list, but I think my latest addiction is an indie game called Factorio.
a sums & pieces for 12 Dec 02016
# Noticing that Civilization VI was recently released reminded me that I hadn't really played enough Civilization V to appreciate that fact. I spent some time fixing that last night.
29 Nov 02016 morning-ish
There is this addictive little title I found on Steam called Stardew Valley. I bought it for Claire (and she likes it) but I spend more time playing it than she does... admittedly.
a sums & pieces for 12 Sep 02016
5 Reasons to Keep Gaming as You Age


4 Sep 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

I’m supposed to roll over and die and let all the kids have all the fun because I’m a… “grown up?”

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