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With over a decade of experience dribbling my thoughts onto the internets this wannabe writer, novelist & wordsmith has finally settled down and embraced the label of blogger.

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13 May 02017 | 7 minutes of your time

Vive l’historien de la famille!

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blogger | fatherhood | featured 

12 May 02017 | 7 minutes of your time

I’d rather put my time into building something that helps, rather than something that hurts.

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blogger | fatherhood | featured 

10 May 02017 | 6 minutes of your time

Even though I’m not a chef I probably think way too much about cooking. And blogging.

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blogger | fatherhood | featured 

8 May 02017 | 9 minutes of your time

What’s right and what’s wrong about this new oversharing world?

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blogger | fatherhood 

4 May 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

And another twist: they will all be a pros versus cons list.

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25 Apr 02017 | 3 minutes of your time

It bugs me that I can’t seem to muster up the inspiration to write much here lately.

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blogger | fatherhood 

7 Apr 02017 | 4 minutes of your time

No more just writing about fatherhood when I had nothing else to say?

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Security Check’d

It’s probably way overkill, but my hosting provider for this blog offers a free SSL cert for one subdomain, so I made the switch and put this site on a secure server. Not that you’re putting any information into this site… but I am. A lot. And though I’ve got three layers of security keeping the never-ending barrage of hacker attempts at bay, and they haven’t even breached the first layer, this plugs a few holes for my efforts. I only mention it because a lot of this site has been hand-coded across many years and you’re bound to stumble across something that doesn’t quite load right because I missed updating it. A font or a script or an image. Feel free to ignore it or let me know. Whatever. It’ll get cleaned up either way in the coming weeks.

13 Jan 02017 | asides & shorts | blogger
Fast enough to crank out a blog post in about 30 minutes.
a sums & pieces for 28 Dec 02016
Classic or Update?

December 20 While I’ve definitely made a lot of minor tweaks to this blog’s look-and-style in times passed, I realized the other day that I’ve been using basically the same design template for the last four and a half years. For a guy who used to update and change the look of this thing every couple months, that’s a long stretch without much more than some gentle nudging. I don’t think I’m ready to completely overhaul it at this point, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t given some thought to how I would do that — and if I would do that. I mean, this blog is going to turn 16 next year. It will be old enough to drive. I almost feel like it has hit a kind of classic maturity (at least in design) and I’m not sure I ever really want to mess with it any more than at the gentle nudging and tweaking level. That said, there are so many new design paradigms out there that I’m locked out of using because I’ve painted myself into a metaphorical corner. Ahhhh! It will be a tough call, but maybe I’ll think of something wild and crazy to work towards — a BIG tweak — for the fifth anniversary of this template.

20 Dec 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
Blog Every Day Every December

It occurs to me just now, as December lurks just over the horizon, that usually, generally, traditionally (as much as that’s actually a thing on a 15 year old blog) I make a honest effort in the final month of each year to write at least one blog post every day. That might be a serious, long post about something significant. It might be a photo with some text (because you already knew that if you clicked on the pictures they had a post behind them, right?) or they might just be a quick, little aside-style post such as this one you’re reading now. I’m going to promise big and go for gold. And I guess we’ll see how it all pans out, y’know, between finishing the home renovations, getting back into post-marathon running of some sort, scratching out some violin practice and hopefully squeezing in some holiday cheer. No pressure, right?

30 Nov 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
Social Media Update

If you don’t see me posting on the socials for a while, don’t be too alarmed. We’ve had a falling out, social media and I. I don’t want to be one of those guys who stomps his feet, picks up the ball and storms off saying that I don’t want to play anymore. (I guess one can’t help appearing that way.) But as I slouch into my 40s I get that feeling like Facebook and Twitter and all their ilk are like great lumbering beasts sharting out great hypnotizing clouds of faux news and belching giant isolating thought bubbles and that every time I visit, every time I post, every interaction I have with one of those services I’m feeding that damn beast, shoving bits of undeserved food into their maws while the world suffers through misinformation and sinks deeper into that brave new world, a soma-coma of rot, of feelings overtaking truths, perceptions overpowering evidence. It’s left me feeling sad and overwhelmed, like trying to hold back a tsunami with a little plastic pail on the beach. So, my little vacations over and lacking anything more interesting to share with you there for a while, instead I’m going to focus on a social media thought machine I can control: this blog. I’ll lurk on the other sites, a little, but don’t expect much else more me for a while.

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