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This blog is specifically NOT about people or my job. Sometimes there is overlap. Sometimes I write about the non-work work-things I do. Sometimes I like to write about things that happened in my personal life that overlap with my work. And sometimes there is something worth bragging about related to work. It’s a junk drawer of work-ish things.

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Practically speaking? Because there is an inverse relationship between how much fun something is to how much someone will pay you to do it.
a sums & pieces for 24 Sep 02017
Commuting by Feets: Season Three

It’s the last Friday in April and before I start work for the day I thought I’d note that I’ll be ending it by pulling on a pair of sneakers, meeting up with my partner in crime near her office, and starting the latest season of the Commuter Runs. I think this is the third summer? I packed light for my day, left all the unnecessaries at home, hopped a bus (coincidentally joined by another runner, one of the new folks who also works downtown and who expressed an interest in the commuter run club) and made my way to the office. When the day ends, I’ll slip into my gear, leave my civvies under my desk (to be brought home on Monday) and boot up the Garmin. Sixteen klicks of post-work, pre-weekend run-bliss await. But now I’d better go earn it. (Well, as soon as I finish my coffee.)

I have the kind of job where your brain never really stops wandering through a project until it it launched. I may not be at a desk, but even out for a run I'll be sorting information architectures and content strategies somewhere in my skull.
a sums & pieces for 7 Apr 02017
a.k.a. When do I get off work today. When the boss says go home. Uh, so like ... five minutes ago!
a sums & pieces for 23 Dec 02016
At work, that's pretty much a daily occurrence.
a sums & pieces for 26 Sep 02016

work & business 

5 Sep 02016 | 5 minutes of your time

….truthy truisms that I’ve noticed that aren’t gripes so much as vague understandings that help me get through each day.

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Friday Night Commuter
15.5 km
Friday Night Commuter
15 Apr 02016
...try finding the motivation to run home FROM work.
My brain never shuts off lately. But officially... it's been a few months since I've had overtime approved.
a sums & pieces for 7 Apr 02016
It sounds ridiculously stubborn, but admitting I was ill enough to take some sick days... from both work and running.
a sums & pieces for 29 Jan 02016
If sick days count, then last week. *cough* *cough* aaaaaah-choo!
a sums & pieces for 18 Jan 02016
When I walk out of the office later today.
a sums & pieces for 23 Dec 02015

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