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Switching Things Up

We’ve had a bit of a trial-by-frustration in the video game console department lately. A few months ago our Wii broke. Well, the optical disc broke. And since we have a nice little stack of games for it we decided to upgrade with a Wii U console so that we could play our games again… because it was backwards compatible. But then, apparently, Wii U has been discontinued and even tho I spent hours surfing online stores and cruising electronics stores, I wasn’t able to find a Wii U for sale. So, instead, I ordered a refurbished Wii (the original one) from eBay. Which arrived, and it it kinda works, but it’s old and Nintendo has always been locked down so now basically we have two Wiis hooked up: one to play stuff we downloaded and one to play discs. I’d given up on anything newer because when I went to check out the Switch it had sold out online in about twenty seconds and pre-orders were neigh-impossible to find in real life… and I’ve never been much of an early adopter anyhow. Except… by some odd confluence of chance and opportunity I found myself in a line up one morning while out on my coffee break –queued up in front of a we’re-not-doing-the-early-thing late-opening store in the downtown core– a few hours after writing this post about giving up on next gen consoles. Twenty minutes later I had a receipt in my wallet for a pre-order on a new Switch console. So, that happened. And of course Claire is giddy with anticipation. So… did anyone else jump into the latest Nintendo fray? Or am I the only sucker out there?

21 Jan 02017 | asides & shorts | gamer
Security Check’d

It’s probably way overkill, but my hosting provider for this blog offers a free SSL cert for one subdomain, so I made the switch and put this site on a secure server. Not that you’re putting any information into this site… but I am. A lot. And though I’ve got three layers of security keeping the never-ending barrage of hacker attempts at bay, and they haven’t even breached the first layer, this plugs a few holes for my efforts. I only mention it because a lot of this site has been hand-coded across many years and you’re bound to stumble across something that doesn’t quite load right because I missed updating it. A font or a script or an image. Feel free to ignore it or let me know. Whatever. It’ll get cleaned up either way in the coming weeks.

13 Jan 02017 | asides & shorts | blogger
Really Technical

Even Karin seemed impressed. I’d been in the basement playing the same six bars of music over and over and over and over for half an hour, and she peeked over my shoulder and said something like “wow, that is pretty technical, isn’t it?” I was practicing my song, Gavotte from “Mignon” by Thomas as played by this dude, who is not me, on YouTube. It’s my “Cold Winter” project: learn to play this two page technical beast. Lots of fancy little frills to make me a better player (not that it’s a particularly high bar at the moment) like switching between strings and staccato, trills, tenuto, and some pizzicato. I guess what I’d say: if you want to know what it’s like to learn the violin, watch the YouTube video from 0:09 seconds through 0:26 seconds over, and over, and over, about a hundred times, and then imagine that among those hundred times, imagine that it sounds good approximately once. Then repeat the next night, and the night after that and the night after that… and then realize that you love every minute of it.

11 Jan 02017 | asides & shorts | musician
Carbon Taxed

Yes, I hate the carbon tax, too. Am I happy that our society has reached this point where we need to put a price on our own wastefulness? Hardly. Is it the best option? No. Is it going to hurt? Yeah. Will it disrupt the way our lives go forward for here? That’s kinda the point. Will that be uncomfortable? No shit, Sherlock. But is it the right thing to do? Probably. Am I willing to chip in a little bit more on that gamble if it’s really meant to improve the future of our society? Well, until someone comes up with a better idea, and since I don’t qualify for the rebate, I suppose I’m going to do just that. Everything has a cost to something, someone, somewhere. You may not feel that cost. You may never pay it. But someone, somewhere pays for your cheap gas, your plastic toys, and your discount t-shirts. That cost may be money, time, or the health of people or our environment. And we’ve been deferring, offsetting, skipping out on the bill as it grows and looms and grows some more over future generations. You don’t have to understand it or agree with it: but pretending that it’s a lie or a conspiracy makes you into the fool. So, drive a 4% less, eat a few less calories, put on a sweater and some cozy wool socks and turn the heat down a degree or two, and maybe stop buying so much junk: we’ve been trying that for years, and it isn’t as painful as you imagine. Really.

Too Early

December 25 It’s shortly before 6am on Christmas morning and I’m wide awake. Am I excited about gifts? Well, who isn’t? But no. It’s being in a strange house filled with people and noises. It was sleeping in a strange bed in a room with smells that kept pulling me awake. I’m sitting at the kitchen table on my own because no one else will get up for hours. One of the house cat’s is sitting there meowing at me: I don’t know what you want! And looking out the window from here I can see a couple dozen dark houses, soft puffs of exhaust billowing from their chimneys as they struggle to keep their interiors warm and cozy for the celebrations that are likely due in just a few minutes or hours. In the time it took to write the last sentence, the cat jumped up on the table and is looking at me expectantly. She remembers Sparkle, or at least in my head she does, and somewhere in that little walnut brain is wondering where I’m hiding my dog. Now I think she just wants something to eat because a human shape isn’t in bed on this quiet morning so… feed me. I’d go sit on a couch, but they are covered in filled stockings or sleeping kids. I’d go climb back into bed but it seems like I’d just wake else someone up. I’d make coffee, but it’s dark and mostly quiet and that seems like it would draw a crowd who wouldn’t be quite as poetic about the early wake up call as I seem to be. It’s too early on Christmas morning. I hope you enjoy yours.

Renovation-fest ’16, Part 2.5

December 21 I don’t want to make a big deal about it quite yet because there is still a lot to do before the project can be considered finished, done, and final. But a milestone today: we have water. Heaps of work, a deconstruction, mending walls, replacing floors, and then watching the cabinets assemble into something that finally got topped with a beautiful slab of stone that is now my countertop. And then today, as if just to insist progress is being made, Leon’s friend the plumber patched in a new drain and water line, connecting the sink into a glorious circuit of aquatic wonder. You take these things for granted, and then one day you remove it and… well, it seems like a big step to be able to wash dishes in our kitchen once again. Still so much fiddly work: more cabinetry, a backsplash, and hundreds of five minute jobs to finalize and complete the work… but it’s getting there.

Classic or Update?

December 20 While I’ve definitely made a lot of minor tweaks to this blog’s look-and-style in times passed, I realized the other day that I’ve been using basically the same design template for the last four and a half years. For a guy who used to update and change the look of this thing every couple months, that’s a long stretch without much more than some gentle nudging. I don’t think I’m ready to completely overhaul it at this point, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t given some thought to how I would do that — and if I would do that. I mean, this blog is going to turn 16 next year. It will be old enough to drive. I almost feel like it has hit a kind of classic maturity (at least in design) and I’m not sure I ever really want to mess with it any more than at the gentle nudging and tweaking level. That said, there are so many new design paradigms out there that I’m locked out of using because I’ve painted myself into a metaphorical corner. Ahhhh! It will be a tough call, but maybe I’ll think of something wild and crazy to work towards — a BIG tweak — for the fifth anniversary of this template.

20 Dec 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
The Creepiest Reindeer?

December 15 You know Dasher and Dancer and… well… all the rest… and really just that classic holiday claymation standard tv show, the one called Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. You’ve heard of it? Yes? It’s the disconnected, nonsense tale of a elf and his obsession with orthodontics, who flees from his indentured servitude at the north pole and falls into league with a runaway deer, a juvenile mutant of a subspecies of the caribou family. It is the timeless tale of how society only really, truly accepts weirdos when they become useful to the normals. That television classic of the season… Claire thinks it’s disturbing. She refused to watch it tonight. “Dad! That show is so creepy!” Uh. Kids these days.

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