The Week of Lists


Apparently, people like lists. Who am I to argue? These are the “Week of Lists” posts, wherein each day for one week I post a new, themed list, one for each of my various feature topic categories, parenting, writing, running, photography, gaming, and blogging, informology, or whatever topic I happen to be interested at the time of writing. There are not many rules: just lists. Share and enjoy…

Week 9 – May 2017 – Offline vs Online Parenting Edition

Week 8 – September 2016 – The Turning 40ish Edition

Week 7 – October 2014 – The Spooky 2014 Edition

Week 6 – April 2014 – Spring Cleaning Edition

Week 5 – April/May 2013 – “Twenty-6-Point-Two Miles Edition”

Week 4 – December 2012 – “Seven Days of Apocalypse Edition”

Week 3 – October 2012 – “Awesome Autumn Edition”

Week 2 – July 2012 – “Vacation Revenge Edition”

Week 1 – May 2012 – “The Sevens”

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