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I obsessively track my running data. Distance, time, maps, etc.

One of things you’ll find on the sidebar on the front page of this blog is my current logged distance with a bunch of status and archive data.

I update a spreadsheet with my data, usually after every couple of runs (or more frequently) and as a result I have an annual log of my distance to the precision of 100m, or 0.1 kilometers.

I update this number on the sidebar and when I do there is also a display of my “on track” status. This may take a little explaining. Each year I set a goal for how many klicks I want to run in that year. So in in 2015, for various reasons and odd chunks of math, that goal was set at the not-exactly-round-number of 1351 km.

I then break down that number and determine that to meet that goal I need to run (approximately) 3.7 klicks per day, every day, to meet that goal (with some accounting fudging on January 1st and December 31st to make the numbers work!)

So, in my ROLLING GOAL, I do a little calculation (that includes the current day number, which for example something like 256 for mid-September when I’m writing this) and multiply that by the daily goal… 3.7 km.

Since I don’t run every day, I can’t just run 3.7 klicks every day and call it good. Plus, that would be a crappy way to train. So, instead, I use this as a rolling gauge of where I feel like I should be — on track or behind — in reaching that annual goal. I show this as a percentage of the distance I should have covered (less than 100% if I’m behind, greater than 100% if I’m ahead) and that is usually pretty good indication of how well my training is going.

Now you know.

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